Razor Starter Kit
Premium Metal Handle 2 Premium SmoothGlide Blade Blade cover Matching Shower Holder
Now £14.00
Shave Cream
Care about your skin? Treat yourself to our natural shave cream for a fuss-free shave. Gentle post-shave balm with natural ingredients Restores...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Scrub
A natural exfoliating scrub that’s gentle on your skin, leaving you smooth for your closest shave yet Details Targets ingrown hairs and...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Gel
Our vegan shave gel uses a conditioning formula designed to hydrate and protect the skin as well as providing maximum comfort during...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Balm
Keep your skin cool and refreshed after shaving with our post-shave balm Gentle post-shave balm with natural ingredients Restores the skin’s natural...
£6.00 Now £6.00
SmoothGlide Refill Blades
Wave goodbye to dull blades and skin irritation with our latest quality SmoothGlide blades delivered straight through your door. Our German engineered...
Now £22.00
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