Razor Starter Kit - Rose
Premium Metal Handle Personalised Engraving 1 Premium SmoothGlide Blade Blade cover Matching Shower Holder
£14.00 Now £14.00
Razor Trial Kit - Ivy
Coated Metal Handle 1 Premium SmoothGlide Blade Blade cover Matching Shower Holder
Now £11.00
Shave Scrub
A natural exfoliating scrub that’s gentle on your skin Targets ingrown hairs and rejuvenates your complexion With walnut husks, almond extract and...
Shave Cream
Natural Shave Cream for moisturised skin Cationic ingredients to encourage a close shave Translucent application for maximum control and precision Includes manuka...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Balm
Gentle post-shave balm with natural ingredients Keeps skin cool and refreshed after shaving Restores the skin’s natural moisture balance Repairs and reduces...
Original Natural Deodorant Balm
Effectively controls body odour and absorbs sweat Subtly alters skins natural pH level to effectively prevent odour Doesn't block sweat glands Paraben-Free,...
£11.00 Now £11.00
Natural Deodorant Balm
Handmade in the UK from organic natural ingredients Tough all-day odour protection without blocking sweat glands Creamy texture which softens on contact...
Facial Wax Strips
Simple facial hair removal No heat required 12 individual uses Removes even the most resistant hairs Be sure to prepare your skin...
£3.00 Now £3.00
Shave Gel
Vegan & Cruelty-Free Ideal for Facial Shaving 97% Natural Skin conditioning & protecting Hair conditioning Translucent application for maximum control and precision...
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