About FFS

About Us & Our Values

What we stand for

Ah, yes, the obvious meaning of FFS! At first, it did perfectly capture our frustrations with the female shaving market.

Now that we’ve switched things up and provided women with quality razors, we’re focused on delivering your shaving and body needs through your door!

We’re Fuss-Free Shaving.

Sustainability at the heart 💚

Our razor handles are proudly crafted in the UK, reflecting our commitment to supporting local manufacturing. While we prioritise sourcing from UK companies, we also collaborate with EU partners when necessary.

Plus, don't forget about our blade recycling program—simple store them up, return them to us and we'll separate the elements for recycling! ♻️


The Original Three 🪒

Back in February 2016, we celebrated a major milestone: welcoming our first 100 club members with open arms! Our razor line-up - Faye, Frankie, and Samantha (aka FFS!)- was an instant hit.

Just 5 months later, we ballooned by 900 more club members, hitting the amazing 1,000 club member milestone!

In October 2016, our hardworking team successfully launched our award-winning Shave Cream (a member favourite!) 🎉✨

We are passionate about making beauty regimes as effortless as possible while holding true to our beliefs. Even though we are a small business we like to aim big. We know we are not perfect but we love to keep trying.

Fuss-Free Beauty 📦

At FFS Beauty, we're on a mission to simplify beauty routines and shopping while doing our part for the planet.

Expect premium, sustainable products delivered to your door without breaking the bank!

100% Cruelty-Free 🐰

None of our products are ever tested on animals. We take the fun job of testing right in our office on ourselves! Because if it's not office-approved goodness, it's not making its way to you! 🌟