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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Replacing your razor blades regularly will help to ensure an irritation free shave, as bacteria builds up in razor blades over time which causes razor bumps. Blunt blades also cause razor burn/rash because they require more pressure than a sharp blade. Using fresh blades means closer, cleaner and smoother shaves. 

What quality are the blades?

Each of the three razors is comparable with big brand razors you'd buy on the high street. And whilst you won't notice any difference in quality, you will notice the difference in price. You choose the handle of your choice. You can change your preferences (or cancel) anytime.


What can I do if I find I have too many blades?

We encourage you to get used to the luxury of using a fresh blade every week to minimise irritation. However, should you find you are not using all your blades during the month, you can get in touch with us and request to not be billed (or receive blades) for a month. You can also switch to receive blades every other month.

How often should I change my blades?

 It is very important to change your blade weekly, we spoke to skin expert and Cosmetic Physician Dr. Karim , who educated us on the bacteria that can grow within your razor head whilst stored in your bathroom. She advised her patients that when shaving they should change their blade once a week. 

With this information, we recommend you change your blade each week or after 5-6 uses of your blade, to prevent any health risks and for hygiene purposes.

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