Our Journey

FFS Sustainability

Partnered With Carma

We have partnered with Carma. Earth to plant trees with every subscription you purchase. They have planted over 977 million trees so far which, employing over 14,800 people at 280 sites in 11 countries, and we are very proud to be working with them.

Looking after our planet

The carma project has been created by people like us, that care deeply about our planet. Carma help brands and individuals understand their impact on the environment and offer ways to reduce that impact. For every subscription made through us Carma will help us plant trees with the Eden Projects, this organisation plants trees all across the globe, restores forests, and helps local communities have new opportunities for economic self-sustainability. Providing people jobs, a real sense of purpose, allowing the communities to grow, flourish and, ultimately, become self-sustaining.


FFS Blade Recycling

The first Razor subscription brand to offer blade recycling to our customers. Once your blades arrive with us, they are stored safely until enough have been collected they are then ground down to break the materials apart. The metal and plastic elements are then separated… and all components are then ready to be recycled.

For more info visit our FAQ page

Shave away andstore your used blades safely in the plastic casing until you are ready to return them

Ditch the disposables

Did you know it can take up to 1000 years for a disposable razor to biodegrade in landfill? On average you will get 3 shaves from a disposable razor before needing to throw it away because of dull blades, resulting in using 40-50 disposables per year that all end up in landfill.

Carbon Black Caps

Carbon Black continues to be used in high volumes for plastics, due to its low cost and high covering power. However, the problem with this is that it absorbs Near Infrared Light (NIR) which cannot be detected by the recycling sorting facilities, and the result is that it ends up in landfill.

Planet-Friendly Packaging

All our packaging is planet-friendly and is 100% recyclable. You can reuse our packaging to store your blades for recycling, but if you’re not using this, make sure to place into your recycling bin when you are finished.


The best way to dispose of your used razor blades is to recycle them. You can throw them away in your normal household bin but only if they are stored correctly and this method isn’t environmentally friendly!

Simply post them back to us and we’ll do the rest, ensuring they are safely recycled so they don’t end up in landfills!

It’s mainly disposable razors that have the biggest impact on the environment because most of the razor is non-biodegradable. The blades will rust away into nothing but the plastic handle and casing will be left for hundreds of years!

It has been estimated that 2 billion plastic razors end up in landfills each year which is an astronomical figure and many more end up in waterways and oceans too!

It’s not all doom and gloom though because you can have a positive impact on this figure by switching to a more sustainable shaving routine. Investing in one of our reusable razors will reduce the amount of disposable razors that end up in landfills!

Disposable razors have long been a problem for the environment and they haven’t become easier to recycle over the years. Most disposable razors can take up to 1,000 years to fully decompose!