Golden Customisable Tanning Drops
Golden Customisable Tanning Drops
Golden Customisable Tanning Drops
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Golden Customisable Tanning Drops

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✨ Tailored Sun-Kissed Glow: Take control of your tan with golden drops that let you decide the level of radiance, from a soft English Rose glow to a sun-kissed shine.

🌞 Sunshine Bottled Just for You: I'm not just a tan; I'm sunshine in a bottle, designed precisely to your liking, ensuring your radiance shines bright, your way.

🌟 Effortless Radiance, Effortless Control: Achieve a radiant, sun-kissed look effortlessly, with complete control over the depth of your tan, thanks to my customisable tanning drops.

💧 Drop-by-Drop Mastery: The power is in your hands – add me drop by drop to your face or body moisturizer for a customizable tan that suits your style.

🌿 Vegan Radiance: Embrace the golden glow guilt-free, as I am 100% vegan, ensuring no animals have been involved in any way.


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Lovely gentle glow and tan, very natural look.
I look ten years younger and full of life!
- Joanne
I recommend them all the time.
I really like these face drops I add to my daily moisturiser,
- Chloe