How To Look After Your Razor

How To Look After Your Razor

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Your razor goes through a lot, and as shaving experts, one of the questions we get asked most is how to look after your razor. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide with handy advice on how to look after your bathroom buddy!

How to Attach Your Razor Blades the Correct Way

The condition of your razor blade makes all the difference to your shaving experience and the smoothness of your skin. That’s why we’ve created an easy step-by-step guide for attaching your blades to your reusable FFS razor: 

1. To start attaching your blade, make sure the that the bikini blade is located at the top, then press the handle into the blade clips until you hear a little ‘click’. 



2. Pull your handle down to release it from the case, if you cannot pull down easily, this means you have attached the blade the incorrect way 



3. When you’re ready to change blades, easily detach your old razor blade by pushing down on the circular button on the top of the handle. 

4. That’s it! You’re ready to attach a new blade and continue shaving the sustainable way!



    5 Helpful Tips To Look After Your Razor

    There are a range of factors that can impact how long your razor blades will last, we have a number of ways that you can extend the longevity of your razor blades! 

    1. Get Covering – If you’re on-the-go, it’s important to keep your razor blade protected at all costs. This will reduce the amount of moisture that reaches the blade and stop them from rusting, increasing their longevity. At FFS, we combat that issue altogether by using titanium blades with a diamond-coating (it's still worth adding extra protection though!)

    2. No Tapping – Wanting to remove the hair from the razor by tapping it against a surface such as a sink? Bad idea! This can damage important and delicate razor components (this method won’t be covered by your FFS Lifetime Razor Warranty!) 

    3. Dry Naturally – We’ve all been there. A common tell-tale is to wipe your blades on a towel to lengthen the blade life. Trust us, it does more damage than good! Allow your blades to air-dry for the most effective shave.  

    4. Keep It Clean – After every few strokes, we recommend putting the blade under a running tap just to swill any hairs that may be stuck. Simply shake off the water to dry off the blades!  

    5. Change Regularly – We recommend changing your blade on a weekly basis (or every 5 shaves) to avoid bacteria build up and to stop any unwanted skin irritation that a dull blade can cause.

      Don’t Throw Away Blades, Recycle Them Instead!

      Ready to change to a new blade? Once you’ve replaced it with a brand new one, stop and think about what you should do with your used blade before heading straight to the bin.  

      At FFS, we’re putting our feet firmly on the ground and saying no to waste. That’s why we were the first razor subscription brand to offer blade recycling to members!  


      How can you recycle blades?

      Start Storing – Simply save up to 12 FFS blades at a time by packaging them in their original blade trays and return them back to us here 
        Separation Time – We’ll empty all the blades into a container to break the materials apart, by separating the plastic and metal elements!  
          Get Rewarded – Did you know that for every 4 blades that are returned to us for blade recycling, we’ll automatically add 25 Points to your FFS Rewards Account? We want to reward all who are joining us to help ‘shave’ our planet. 

            There you have it, here are some easy wins to keep your razor in the best possible condition to continue achieving top performance with every stroke! Will you start shaving correctly?