Just kidding... April Fools!

Just kidding... April Fools!

We're really sorry to prank you on April Fool's Day. Although, it's great to know that you were interested in finding out more about our latest product!

Unfortunately, there are no plans to launch the 'O.M.G' to the world just yet, but we do have other eco-friendly products that we think you'll like!


Pre-Shave Scrub (100ml)

Ingrown hairs? We've got you covered. It's time to combat unwanted ingrowns the natural way with organic ingredients including walnut shell to lift away dead skin cells and salicylic acid to unclog pores for smoother, bump free skin! Our Pre-Shave Scrub is designed to create a smooth base for your next hair removal or tanning session (with no fuss!)

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Shave Cream (100ml)


Our moisturising Shave Cream forms the protective barrier you need between blade and skin. The formula applies translucently onto skin so you can easily see the hairs you're wanting to de-fluff. We've perfected the formula by using premium ingredients including Witch Hazel to help reduce the risk of razor bumps and coconut oil ensures your razor glides effortless over your skin with minimal irritation! Plus, it smells ah-MAZING!

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Post-Shave Balm (100ml)


Fresh legs and clean sheets... Name a better feeling? Our Post-Shave Balm enhances that experience by working its magic to leave skin feeling cool, refreshed and simply silky smooth! Our hydrating formula also helps to reduce the chance of any post-shaving irritation so you can enjoy post-shave freedom.

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Gradual Tan (150ml)


Wanting a gorgeous glow from head-to-toe? We have the product for you. Our vegan formula is buildable to you so you can layer up to deepen your glow. Our Gradual Tan is designed to last by providing you with a long-lasting streak-free finish that's packed with moisture and smells like holidays! Trust us when we say, "let the compliments roll in!"

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Hair Masque (150ml)


Split ends? We know the feeling! Our vegan Hair Masque is designed to tackle frizz and dullness to restore your hair back to its natural shine! With a formula that's packed with a powerful blend of Argon Oil to repair damage, Shea Butter to control frizz and Coconut Extract to repair split ends, we can guarantee that your search for shiny, soft, and manageable hair ends here! (Plus, it smells incredible!)

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Natural Deodorant (50ml)


Voted “Highly Commended” at the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards, our vegan-friendly formula effectively combats odour by absorbing sweat without blocking pores. Sustainably packaged in a reusable tin, lift the lid to unveil an uplifting Grapefruit & Peppermint scent. It really is your eco-friendly answer to all-day freshness. 

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Facial Wax Strips 

Annoying hair that just won't budge? We've got the answer with our heat-free method! Each set of FFS Wax Strips provides up to 12 individual uses to easily remove the most stubborn hairs on your upper lip, chin, middle brow, armpit, and outer bikini line! By removing the hair directly from the root, you'll achieve a long-lasting result.

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Pink Clay Shampoo Bar (50g)

Our award-winning Pink Clay Shampoo Bar is handmade in the UK, designed for both body and hair to provide all-over nourishment. With premium ingredients designed to condition and cleanse, it's time to give your hair the treatment it deserves with a formula that's kind to hair and the planet unveiling silky smooth results! Plus, each bar provides up to 50 uses! That's up to as much compared to traditional alternatives.

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