How to Use Hair Masks

How to Use Hair Masks

Our hair goes through a lot...

Whether its heat styling, colouring or even just exposure to UV rays, it can all put stress on our locks. A good treatment is essential to avoid breakage and restore hair. Hair masks work to hydrate, nourish and repair hair to leave it looking its absolute best. Usually packed with nourishing ingredients, a good mask will give your hair the boost it deserves.

Why use a hair mask

 Hair mask is great for a few reasons. Not only do they restore moisture to the hair, but they also tame frizz and smooth split ends to improve the appearance and feel of your locks. They can even restore the hairs strength and resistance to prevent breakage – they’re quite magic!

Our super nourishing Coconut Hair Masque is formulated with Argan Oil and Shea Butter, providing amazing moisturising abilities. Containing Natural Vitamin E oil, our formula repairs the scalp to support and encourage healthy hair growth. With SymHair™ Restore technology, it improves strength and resistance and seals split ends.

How to use a hair mask

1. Shampoo hair as normal to remove any excess dirt and oils.

2. Towel dry hair, leaving it damp.

3. Apply the masque generously throughout roots and down to the ends. Comb through with a tangle teezer to ensure its evenly applied. If you like, you can cover your hair with a shower cap and towel to seal the mask in and lock in heat.

4. Wait five to ten minutes. (While it’s working its magic, you could treat yourself to a good body scrub or shave your legs).

5. Rinse out thoroughly.

6. Towel dry and style hair as normal. You’re good to go!