What Fake Tan is Right for Me?

What Fake Tan is Right for Me?

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If you’re new to self tanning, it’s a good idea to think about your skin type and shade. Avoid going too dark too quickly if you can, especially if you have pale skin. Work your way up to the darkest fake tan you want, perfecting your application skills each time you bronze. Lighter tans won’t show up mistakes as much, so they’re great for beginners.

The best fake tan is all in the prep. Use an exfoliating scrub (like our Pre-Shave Scrub) to buff away dry patches, then moisturise dry areas like your ankles, elbows, hands and feet. Apply your tan with a velvety tanning mitt, and try using a kabuki brush for your face, hands and feet. With just a few simple steps, your tan will look gorgeously glowy until next time.

What to choose: drops, mousse or lotion?

To be honest, it’s really up to you. There are pros and cons to each. The most popular type of tans tends to be in mousse form, but you could try to experiment to see what works for your skin.

We recommend mixing it up, using a combination of tan types for different areas of your body. That way, you can get the best natural fake tan, depending on where you’re tanning. We’ve got some more tips for choosing the best fake tan below to help get you started.


Best fake tan for face

Choosing a tan for your face can be tricky. The skin on your face is thinner than elsewhere on your body and can be more sensitive (especially if you’re prone to breakouts). We recommend choosing tanning drops for your face because they’re often fragrance-free and can usually be mixed with your existing skincare products.

Our tanning drops are fragrance-free, alcohol-free and non-comedogenic. That means they won’t irritate this delicate area and won’t block your pores either. They’re vegan and cruelty-free too.


Best fake tan for pale skin

We get that those with pale skin might want to add a little glow every now and then. There’s always that delicate balance of bronzing too much and looking unnatural, though. If you’re worried about looking too tanned, we recommend using tanning drops or a gradual tan lotion.

Tanning drops are a great choice, as you can control and customise how bronzed you want to be. You can mix it into your favourite moisturiser to keep your skin feeling hydrated too. Mousse can be a great help in seeing where you’re putting your tan, and a lighter shade will keep you looking natural and glowy.


Best self-tanner for beginners

Fake tanning should be simple. But if you’re new to applying fake tan, we do have some tips to help you achieve the best result. We suggest picking a tanning mousse because this type of fake tan has a guide colour. That means you can see where you’re applying and buff out any streaks or smudges. Don’t forget to check out our handy tanning accessories to help you get the best bronze possible.

If you’d prefer a more buildable tan, we'd recommend a gradual lotion so that you can work up to your desired shade.


Darkest fake tan

Love looking ultra-bronzed? We’ve got you covered. Our dark vegan fake tan mousse is your go-to, delivering a gorgeous deep colour without the hassle. Pair yours with our easy-to-use fake tanning accessories and scrubs to get all the glow with no patches or streaks.

You could also try our vegan fake tanning drops, which are the best fake tan for your face. You might want to use them to top up your glow between tanning sessions.