Tips for Tackling Gym Anxiety

Tips for Tackling Gym Anxiety

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Firstly, it’s important to note that it’s completely normal to feel anxiety, especially if it’s your first time at a gym. To best tackle this, it’s important to get to the root of what's unsettling you – is it not knowing how to use the equipment properly? judgement from others? Once you've established this, you can work to overcome your anxieties.

top tips

Write down your workout

It'll make it easier to get into a flow with your routine.

Remember everyone is there for the same reason

Everyone will be focused on themselves and their own workout, not worrying about what anyone else is doing.

Take some time to learn

Find out where everything is and book in a session with a staff member for them to show you how to use any equipment you’re unsure of.

Make a note of the positive gains you'll get

This way if you’re ever feeling unmotivated, you can read over your list to give you a motivation boost.

Keep going consistently

The more often you go, the easier it'll get each time. Plus, if you attend on the same days/times, it will get you into the habit of going and will soon become second nature!

Research the gym you're going to before you go

This way you can find out what equipment it has and familiarise yourself with the layout.

Treat yourself to some gym wear that you feel most confident in

There's some great sustainable gymwear brands now available like Tala.