Let’s Talk About Menopause

Let’s Talk About Menopause

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In the UK there are currently approximately 15.5 million menopausal women. With most of these women feeling overlooked by society, it’s important that brands work to provide more education and support. Gen M, the menopause partner for brands, found that 87% of women feel overlooked by society and brands, with 88% wishing for their workplace to be better equipped for menopausal colleagues.

While there’s no set age to start menopause, it generally starts later in life with the average age in the UK being 51, with perimenopause (the transitional period before menopause) usually beginning in the 40s. During this transition, the ovaries begin producing less hormones, causing the menstrual cycle to become irregular and unpredictable.

For many women the menopause process is an extremely challenging time due to the symptoms that can come with it. Menopause can quite often be solely characterised with the common symptom of ‘hot flushes’. But the fact is, menopause can have severe effects on a woman’s life – from anxiety, to brain fog and severe migraines. It can affect everything from work to personal relationships, which is why it’s so important that it’s not overlooked or understated. Gen M talk about the 48 symptoms that menopausal women can experience, which range highly from acne, to breathing difficulties, changes in skin texture and depression.

the 48 symptoms


Altered Skin


Bladder Weakness


Body Odour

Brain Fog

Breathing Difficulties

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Changes in Breast Size

Changes in Sex Drive

Changes in Skin Texture

Changes in Taste and Smell

Decreasing Fertility

Dental Issues



Dry Eyes

Dry Mouth


Feeling Cold

Headaches and Migraine

Heart Palpitations

Hot Flushes

Irregular Periods


Itchy Crawly Skin

Joint Pain

Lack of Motivation

Loss of Bone Density

Loss of Concentration

Loss of Confidence

Mood Swings

Muscle Tension

Nail Changes

Nausea and Digestion Issues

Night Sweats

Recurrent UTI’s

Panic Disorders

Sagging Breasts

Short Term Memory Issues

Sleep Issues

Sore Breasts

Thinning Hair

Tingling Extremities

Vaginal Dryness

Weight Gain

Severe PMS

Who are Gen M?

Gen M are the menopause partner for brands! Their mission is to improve the menopause experience for all women, while also supporting brands who are looking to raise awareness and provide support. Their group of founding partners, including FFS, have all signed up to the GenM Pledge, joining their mission and helping to lead the menopause revolution.

How can I get involved?

You can join us with Gen M and pledge to raise awareness of the menopause and its 48 symptoms. Let’s break the taboo by talking openly with family and friends or start conversations on your social platforms.

Our menopause product picks:

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Often first occurring in the perimenopause, women can experience ‘Pruritus’ which is dry, irritable skin. To avoid any further irritations, we’d definitely recommend making sure you’re using a high-quality razor.


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Self-Tanning Mousse

Menopause can mean a drop in confidence levels. Give your self-esteem a boost with a gorgeous, natural glow! Our self-tanning mousse not only gives a flawless glow, but it also provides hydrating benefits to the skin.

Post-Shave Balm

With a prominent symptom of menopause being changes in skin texture, it’s so important to keep skin moisturised. Perfect for restoring the moisture balance to the skin, our Post-Shave Balm is a top pick!

Calming Bath Salts

Menopause anxiety is a serious problem for many women. One way to combat this is to take part in relaxation activities. Unwind by filling a luxurious bath filled with our calmingly floral bath salts. With Kaolin clay, lavender, rose and geranium oils to create a blissful scent.