How to Shave Your Armpits

How to Shave Your Armpits

When shaving your armpits it is important to clean and exfoliate to remove any bad bacteria before shaving. Keep the area wet and ensure a barrier such as shaving cream is used to add a layer of protection between your underarm skin and the blade. Finally, ensure a fresh blade is used to reduce the number of strokes required to finish your shave. For more tips read on.

When shaving your armpits it is important to clean and exfoliate to remove any bad bacteria before shaving. Keep the area wet and ensure a barrier such as shaving cream is used to add a layer of protection between your underarm skin and the blade. Finally, ensure a fresh blade is used to reduce the number of strokes required to finish your shave. For more tips read on.

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The great debate - should I shave this body part or that body part or should I embrace my hair? It’s a choice!  And that choice is YOURS alone!  So where do we come in?  Well, we are experts in this field, hair removal aficionados if you like! So, we believe that shaving is a choice, but we are here to ensure you have the best tools and advice for the job! Because if you’re going to do it, you’re going to want to get it right!  

So, let’s talk about our pits! For many, it is one of the first areas we begin to remove hair, as a noticeable place on our body that produces sweat it is often an area that we become self-conscious about, I remember my first time wearing a grey t-shirt on a hot day, a mistake I was in no hurry to repeat!  But what’s embarrassing for some of us, can be a statement of self-identity to others.   As a prime area where we produce sweat, aesthetics aside, hygiene is the most important consideration here it’s important we keep it clean and hygienic and to what is comfortable for us as individuals, whatever that may mean.  For some that’s fully embracing our hair, for others it’s removing it.  We are going to cover all things armpit hair related from the pros and cons of hair removal on armpits, the ways you can remove armpit hair and how to achieve the best hair removal to does it smell and lead to increased perspiration.  

First up, what are the pros and cons of removing your armpit hair?

Pros of shaving your underarms  

  • Hair holds on to warmth (great in the winter) and moisture so removing hair leaves a noticeable cooler cleaner feeling to the skin, especially in hotter weather or whilst exercising.  
  • Removal of hair can help reduce odour as most hair is porous (think of a sponge) so it soaks up moisture and sweat which can turn into bacteria, which is the cause of body odour.  
  • Simply for the look and feel, some of us prefer a smooth look and feel, it can improve self-confidence and leave us feeling cleaner and more confident. 

Cons of shaving your underarms  

  • The downside to this is regrowth, hair regrowth can cause itching and irritation which can be uncomfortable for a time. 
  • Dependent on the method of hair removal you choose you could be left with burns, cuts, ingrown hairs, or dry skin.  So, it’s important you choose the best method for you. 

What is the best hair removal method for underarms?  

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Waxing is an effective hair removal method, opted for by many because of longer-lasting results.  However, the downside to waxing is the harsh pulling of the skin.  The skin on our underarms is thinner than other parts of our body making it more delicate and susceptible to burns that can be caused by waxing incorrectly.   

Hair Removal Creams  

Another effective hair removal method, however, involves tricky application when applying to underarms, as you need to keep your arms upright so that you do not rub the cream over the rest of your body!  Have you ever tried holding your arms above your head for longer than a minute? Most hair removal creams need 5 mins plus to begin working! If you have the stamina and like a challenge maybe this is the method for you! Opt for gentler natural formulas where possible, hair removal creams are often packed with harsh ingredients.  


The most affordable, fuss free and quickest method you could opt for, obviously our favourite method! But not just a biased opinion! It is the gentlest option, however not without its potential pitfalls (see what we did there…Pfft…forget it!), such as razor burn, nicks and cuts.  But there are ways to minimise these potential pitfalls, read on for our top tips for shaving your armpits.  


How to shave your armpits  

  1. 1. Gently cleanse and exfoliate your underarms first.  Cleansing the area is a must as it is an area prone to bacteria buildup, in the unfortunate event that you do nick the skin you want to be confident the area is clean to minimise infection.  Exfoliating before shaving can help release ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells that can clog your razor.  
  2. 2. Wet your skin and use a protective barrier such as our shave cream, packed with Witch Hazel to reduce razor bumps and vitamin rich oils such as coconut & almond to offer a silky layer of protection between skin and blade.  
  3. 3. Pull your skin taught and take your time.  First, go downwards with the hair growth, then if needed go from side to side, avoid going over the same area too many times, a sharp fresh blade will ensure you don’t need to.  
  4. 4. Rinse your blade after each stroke, this will remove hair and shave cream ensuring your blades can get close to your skin with every stroke. 
  5. 5. When done rinse away any remaining shave cream and pat the area dry, do not rub as you can cause further irritation to the delicate skin.  Apply a light and highly absorbent moisturiser and wait before applying any deodorant to the area, we recommend trying a natural deodorant as this will be kinder to your skin, ours contains coconut oil & shea butter to protect and nourish as well as control odour & sweat, find out more here 

Does shaving darken underarm skin? 

Our underarm skin can darken over time, this isn’t usually anything to worry about, but some people can find it a little embarrassing, this darkening is often called Acanthosis Nigricans (AN) and it causes the skin to thicken and darken.  74% of people experience some form of AN and it can be more common in those that have darker skin, can be genetic or diet related.  There are ways to look after your skin to help prevent AN such as:  

  1. 1. Avoiding harsh chemicals on the area  
  2. 2. Shaving correctly (see above)
  3. 3. Exfoliate 2-3 a week 
  4. 4. Wear loose clothing 
  5. 5. A healthy lifestyle (no smoking, balanced diet)  

Source: NHS

How often should I shave my armpits? 

Some prefer to shave the underarms every 2-3 days as they prefer the smoother feeling, others may have slower growth and opt to shave just every 3-5 days and some of us may shave once in a blue moon for a special occasion, it is entirely up to you and your comfort.  We would say find what is a normal comfortable pattern for you be aware of changes in your body and look out for signs of irritation, take a break from shaving if irritation persists and try to find the cause of irritation, more often than not it is dull blades, your blades should be changed every 3-7 shaves and your razor thoroughly rinsed and stored in a place it can remain dry.  

How long do shaved armpits last?

This is a difficult one to answer, and varies based on the person and what the previous hair removal method was. Typically it is 2-3 weeks, with waxed armpits lasting a little longer than shaved armpits before requiring your next shave. It is important to remember, it is also down to personal preference and how happy you are with the length of your underarm hair. 

Does shaving armpits reduce sweat?

Does shaving reduce sweat

Sweat is produced by sweat glands, so shaving underarm hair will not reduce sweat, although armpit hair can affect how sweat makes you feel. Hair can hold on to moisture, creating that sweaty underarm feeling, or potentially lead to a higher risk of encountering those dreaded sweat patches on your clothing, not what any of us want on a night out. 

Source: Healthline

Does shaving armpits reduce smell?

Similar to if shaving your armpits will reduce sweat, it will not directly reduce smell either. Although it will help keep your underarms more hygienic since hair is porous, it will absorb and hold onto sweat, over time this will cause a more pungent odor which can easily be alleviated by a good natural deodorant.

In conclusion shaving your armpits is a good idea if you are going to feel a positive benefit from it, be that the feeling of a more hygienic, cleaner body or the appearance of a smooth underarm, if it makes you feel good and not the pits! (haha) then go for it!