Dermaplaning for Beginners

Dermaplaning for Beginners

Discover the magic of dermaplaning! If you are new to dermaplaning or scared to touch that face fuzz, FFS Beauty is here to educate. We unveil its benefits, and discuss how it differs from shaving. Get ready to DIY like a pro! "Dermaplaning for beginners" awaits! 🌟✨ 

What is Dermaplaning?

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning uses an angled blade to painlessly exfoliate the top layer of the skin. This provides a deeper level of exfoliation than a facial scrub can muster. Dermaplaning tools effortlessly scrape off dead skin cells and vellus hair, also known as that pesky peach fuzz, from the skin's surface. This process not only removes the dull, rough outer layer of the skin, but also stimulates collagen production and cell turnover for that youthful look. Recently, this non-invasive treatment has gained popularity due to its multitude of benefits, including its ability to remove product build-up that can make your skin look dull, aged and uneven.

Top 5 Benefits of Dermaplaning

1) No more peach fuzz

Using a dermaplaning facial tool helps remove even the finest of hair leaving you with a silky smooth face. Removing this peach fuzz can help your make-up look less cakey and fun fact: Celebrities use dermaplaning to avoid their facial hairs showing on camera. 

2) Next level exfoliation

FFS Beauty Exfoliation Representation

If you want to give your face the best exfoliation treatment possible at home, dermaplaning is the answer for you. The fine blade helps provide a deep cleanse of the skin barrier by removing dead skin cells that typical facial creams would struggle to remove. This promotes new skin cell growth and leaves the vibrant new skin beneath for a smoother radiant you!

3) Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Yup, the magic formula within anti-wrinkle creams that big brands have tried to sell you for years can be done with 5 minutes of dermaplaning. As the blade gracefully exfoliates the skin's surface, it stimulates a beautiful dance of collagen production and cell turnover. This waltz of rejuvenation encourages the skin to create more collagen, plumping up the skin, giving it a more youthful and supple appearance. Additionally, the removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells encourages healthier skin growth, leading to a smoother complexion and reducing the visibility of those pesky lines. 

4) Stimulates new skin cell growth

Every dermaplaning session triggers your skins natural healing process and encourages new skin cells to grow allowing your skin to undergo a rejuvenating metamorphosis. The increase in cell turnover can not only help with fine lines but also aid in fading scares, sunspots and other skin blemishes. 

5) Dermaplane at home

Despite some mythes and common concerns around dermaplaning, one of the best benefits of dermaplaning is that it can be done at home, very easily with the use of a mirror, dermaplaning facial tool and a fresh blade. If you thought you had to visit a beauty specialist for this service, think again! Quality at home kits can start at as little as £16. 


How is Dermaplaning Different to Shaving?

The Blade

FFS Dermaplaner blade

Dermaplaning uses a specialised, fine angled blade designed to offer gentle exfoliation, removing top layers of skin. Whereas shaving typically involves a standard razor head of 4-6 blades designed for hair removal and not exfoliation. 

Target Area

A dermaplaning tool is typically known as a facial hair removal tool designed to improve skin complection through exfoliation. It is not recommended to use the dermaplaning tool on anywhere other than the face. Shaving on the otherhand is commenly used across all areas body hair can be found such as legs, under arms and bikini lines.  

Exfoliation vs Hair Removal

The primary goal of dermaplaning is exfoliation. Shaving, however, is strictly for hair removal, and while it may lightly exfoliate the skin, it doesn't offer the same depth of exfoliation that dermaplaning does.


What Do You Need to Dermaplane at Home?

Dermaplaning Tool

The key ingredient, the dermaplaning tool itself, available in both disposable and reusable formats. FFS Beauty recommend no more than two uses per blade for best results and to avoid bacteria build up. 

Clean, Dry Skin

Clean, dry skin is very important for optimal results when dermaplaning at home. Remove any contaminants such as make-up, dirt or oils. 


Unless you're a magician, or a dermaplaning pro, you most likely need a clear, large mirror to give yourself a clear view of your face. 


Natural daylight or a well lit room is vital for a successful treatment. Those pesky fine hairs will be difficult to see without sufficient light. 

Anti-bacterial wipe

Bacteria, now, this is an important one. Ensure you clean the blade with an anti-bacterial wipe to prevent bacteria build up that can lead to skin irritation.  


After using the dermaplane tool, apply a serum, moisturiser & SPF to rehydrate the skin. This is key to helping maintain those glowing skin results. 


Dermaplaning is not a treatment you want to rush for good results. Take your time, be gentle and begin to build confidence with every stroke, you've got this.