UK’s highest-rated
women’s razor subscription

RRP £9.95 | Try For Just £9.00

Join over 100,000 women with our award-winning set including our Premium SmoothGlide blades!

UK’s highest-rated
women’s razor subscription

RRP £9.95 | Try For Just £9.00

Join over 100,000 women with our award-winning set including our Premium SmoothGlide blades!

What's in your box?

Premium Chrome Metal Handle

  • Stunning ergonomic design
  • Perfectly weighted
  • Rubber grip crafted to the contours of your hand for comfortable hold
  • Personalised engraving up to 12 characters

4 x Premium SmoothGlide Blade Heads

  • 6 titanium diamond-coated blades per head
  • Precision trimmer blade
  • Vitamin E lubrication strip

Shower Holder

  • Grips to shiny surfaces to keep your razor dry and protected

Effortless Deliveries

Razor blades delivered to your door at a frequency that suits you

Complete Control

Pause, swap or cancel your plan at any time via your account portal

Choose Your Favourites

Add on additional beauty products to make your routine as effortless as possible

Endless Perks

Member benefits including access to our referral scheme to save on your future boxes, blade recycling scheme

For frustrations sake

  • premium SmoothGlide blades
  • pivoting head to adapt to the contours of the body
  • designed for an all-over silky body shave
  • worlds first metal handle designed specifically for women

We know how annoying it can be when you go to grab a fresh blade but you’re all out.

That’s why we deliver Premium SmoothGlide Blades straight through your door! No more trips to the shop, choose a frequency that suits you and enjoy fresh blade deliveries every time.

Why choose the UK’s highest-rated
women’s razor subscription?


Receive regular top-up deliveries of our premium SmoothGlide blades and have beauty essentials at the ready whenever you need them.

By simply changing blades each week it ensures the blades remain hygienic and your skin is kept healthy and free from bacteria, meaning less irritation and fewer bumps.

Subscribe & save

Join the club today, and you'll be able to subscribe and save on your favourite bathroom essentials! Have your products delivered effortlessly through your door and receive FREE delivery. Buying your bathroom essentials has never been more effortless with subscribe and save.

Complete control, no commitment & endless perks

We’ve made it as effortless as possible for you to make changes to your plan. Plus, we tailor our offers with you in mind on both FFS products and other handpicked brands we know you'll will love.

We all love a perk don't we? Get upcoming free gifts with your deliveries.

Sustainability at heart

Whether its shaving essentials or body care necessities, we have you covered. By joining the club, you will be taking a step to saying no to single use plastic and yes to a more sustainable living.

With sustainability at the heart of FFS our development team are always looking for new ways to reduce plastic packaging, that's why our brand new range contains materials like glass and compostable plant-based naked wraps.

For Futures Sake.

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Plus, get free delivery always

We are passionate about making beauty regimes as effortless as possible while holding true to our beliefs. To take the faff out of shaving, we deliver quality products straight through your door.

Liz Needham - Managing Director

On a mission to become sustainable?

You can choose up to 12 characters to be engraved on your handle.
We designed our award-winning razor with body shaving in mind. Our Premium SmoothGlide blades are made up of diamond-coated titanium and are spaced optimally for an all-over silky body shave. The pivoting head adapts to the curves of the body, so you can achieve an effortless shave. Our metal handle is perfectly weighted for optimal control.
You can get regular Premium SmoothGlide Blades deliveries through your door from just £9.95 at a frequency that suits you.

Don't just take our word for it!

“The engraving is such a nice personal touch that I’ve never seen anywhere else”


“Love the design and colour of the handle! - perfect ergonomic design with a good grip and decent weight to it…Gives a good, close shave with zero irritation."


“They told me of a deal they had on, which included free engraving on the handle…I asked them to surprise me. I received a new handle within days with a hilarious play on my surname (Nudd) "in the Nudd"... Simple but effective, had me wheezing!”


“Overall an amazing razor, extreme value for money and the overall aesthetic is so pretty! The shave cream leaves your skin feeling like silk.”


FFS is godsend for busy women - never risk running out of sharp blades again! You can easily adjust your subscription frequency to receive a new package as often as you need. Using sharp, quality blades makes such a difference on how smooth and soft your legs will be as well."


“Love their products especially the pre shave scrub…Really convenient posted through the door too and also being able to adjust subscription when you need too”


“I recommend FFS to everyone. It helps me keep on top of my razors, changing them regularly and it’s so convenient I get my top ups through the post so I don’t have to worry about getting ever running out.”


“Love these razors. Have been using them for about a year and it’s so convenient to get them through the door every month.”


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