5 Things to Do for Galentines Day 2022

5 Things to Do for Galentines Day 2022

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A day made to celebrate our closest friends, Galentines has become a staple in the calendar! If you’re looking for ways to celebrate with your nearest this year, here’s 5 ideas for the perfect girls date!

Good food with prosecco? What’s not to love! Plus it’s a great excuse to get a bit dressed up.

Movie night in

For a more chilled day, grab a face mask and your favourite snacks ready for a marathon of your favourite girl power films. For some ultimate Galentines suggestions, see our previous blog post.

Spa day

Indulge in a day of relaxation with a trip to the spa! If money’s a bit of a stretch, not to worry, as you can create your own at-home spa with just a few products! We’re thinking Face Masques, luxury Body Butter, plus candles and some chilled music.

Afternoon tea

What better way to spend the day than with some great food and company? Again, you can always make your own afternoon tea at home with some cakes and snacks!

Try out a fitness class

Yoga, pilates or even something a bit more fun like Zumba can be a perfect way to spend the day with your Galentine! Plus, it’s a great way to get exercise in.