How to Avoid Shaving Mistakes

How to Avoid Shaving Mistakes

From razor rash to ingrown hairs and constant nicking, shaving can be frustrating to say the least.

But there are a few big no-nos when it comes to shaving, so we’re talking the most common problems and how you can best avoid them.

Sharing razors

For hygiene reasons, it’s really important not to share razors. Sharing blades can even cause infection if nicking yourself when shaving. Plus, you likely won’t know how old the razor is, meaning it could be a dull or dirty blade – increasing the chance of irritation and razor burn. Steer clear of razor sharing!

Not changing blades regularly

 Up there as one of the most common mistakes is using old or dull blades. Over time, bacteria builds up on our razors, even if we can’t see it – so when we come to shave with the same blade, this bacteria is transferred straight from the blade onto the skin. This can cause a whole host of problem including ingrown hairs, razor rash and even infection. Plus, a dull blade can snag at hairs, causing some serious irritation (no thank you!)

Choosing the wrong razor

Another mistake is picking a razor that’s not right for us. Choose a razor that’s designed to fit with the contours of the body – enter FFS! Our compact pivoting blade heads are able to adapt easily to the curves of the body, for the closest shave possible.


 Skipping the prep

 It’s best to soak the skin for a few minutes before shaving to soften the hairs. Following this with a gentle exfoliation will ensure any dead skin cells are removed and help to release trapped hairs – our Pre Shave Scrub is perfect for this step.

Plus, it’s best to follow your shave with a good moisturiser to restore and soothe the skin – our Post Shave Balm is the one!

 Applying too much pressure

You shouldn’t need to be pressing down hard onto the skin when shaving to cut the hairs properly. If you’re having to do this, it means your blade is dull and definitely needs to be swapped for a fresh one. Remember, the blade should always do the work for you!