Say Goodbye to Disposable Razors

Say Goodbye to Disposable Razors

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Still guilty of reaching for the plastic disposable razor? You’re not alone. In 2020, an estimated 5.45 million people were opting for disposables. But how much of a problem is this and what can you do to combat this?

What’s the biggest problem with disposable razors?

Just as the name implies, disposable razors are designed to be used a few times, then thrown in the bin. Due to the materials used in these razors, it is extremely difficult to recycle them, meaning that more often than not, they end up straight in landfill.

The average person who shaves daily or most days can go through around 40-50 disposable razors per year, which adds up to a shocking 2,500 razors over a lifetime of shaving! It’s no surprise that they’re one of the bathroom’s biggest waste items.

Do disposable razors give a quality shave?

Environmental implications aside, you’d like to hope that disposable razors at least give the closest shave. Probably not. Usually with 3 blades or less, disposables often won’t give a close enough shave to last. Because they’re made of plastic too, there’s no weight or real shape to the razor, making it harder to grip when shaving.

Why is it better to use a refillable razor?

To start with, refillable razors are built with a handle to last, which means they won’t need to be thrown away and replaced after every few shaves. FFS created our reusable metal handle with the goal of this being a lifelong bathroom partner — you can just simply swap out the blade head every 5–6 shaves. Once you’re finished with your blade, you can pop it back into your FFS box and save them up to send back for recycling! If that wasn’t enough, our razor handles are made right here in the UK, local to our own dispatch centre, which definitely can’t be said for most disposable razor brands!

As well as the environmental perks, refillable razors tend to give a much better shave than disposables. With six titanium blades per head, perfectly spaced to remove the most hairs in the fewest strokes, FFS razors achieve a super close result that lasts.

Becoming more sustainable doesn’t have to mean changing your whole lifestyle — even a few small changes can make a big impact in the long run. So it’s time to say goodbye to the plastic disposables for good and hello to a sustainable, quality shave with FFS! We’ll deliver a weighted metal handle, along with four sharp quality blades to your door whenever you need them, plus you’ll get some essential shaving accessories as an extra treat along the way.