Sustainable Beauty Tips 2022

Sustainable Beauty Tips 2022

Most of us are guilty of just throwing out old beauty packaging once its finished with. But if you’re thinking about how you can make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, there’s plenty of ways you can upcycle and re-use your beauty product packaging.

When creating our products, we give thought to how the packaging will affect the environment and whether it will be able to continue life after the product has been finished with. We chose our natural deodorant tins, as we wanted to stay away from excess plastic (as found in most standard deodorants) and we saw that the tins could easily be upcycled and used for different things, such as storage.

This type of packaging is a perfect example of something that we’d likely throw out without a second thought, but there’s a few different things we can do with this. In a hand-bag friendly size, they’re perfect for popping in your bag for smaller essentials on the go. We’re thinking safety pins, jewellery, hair bobbles and other little items that are helpful to have on hand. They’re also a great way to keep your dressing table organised and store bits and bobs in for easy reach.

Check out our video below on some of the ways our customers re-purpose their old tins!

We would love to see what you do with your empty deo tins, tag us in your pictures @_weareffs

Some other tips for reusing old beauty packaging:

  • Tanning drops bottle or body oil bottles – great for refilling with your favourite oils or even making your own diffuser
  • Empty candle jars – perfect for storing makeup brushes, or even utensils in the kitchen
  • Lipstick tubes – a great trick is to clean these out and store hair grips in so they’re always at hand