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Odour Bashing Fresh Grapefruit & Peppermint Deodorant

How to Use

Prepare for Application: 

  • Start by ensuring your underarms are clean and dry. This will help the natural deodorant adhere better to your skin. 

Take a Pea-Sized Amount: 

  • Using your fingertips, scoop up a pea-sized amount of the natural deodorant from the container. 

Apply to Underarms: 

  • Gently apply the pea-sized amount of natural deodorant to your underarms. Use your fingertips to massage the deodorant into your skin, ensuring even coverage. 

Massage into Skin: 

  • Using circular motions, massage the deodorant into your underarms. This helps the product to penetrate the skin and provides a more effective barrier against odor. 

Softening if Needed: 

  • If the natural deodorant feels firm or hard to spread, rub it between your fingertips to soften it before applying to your underarms. 

Allow to Dry: 

  • After applying the natural deodorant, allow it to dry for a few moments before getting dressed. This helps prevent any transfer onto clothing.