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Moisturise & Glide: Shave Cream

How to Use

Essential Shaving Guide for All Areas

Preparation is Key: Always start by moisturising the area you're going to shave - be it legs, underarms, or the bikini line.

Dry hair is tough on razors and difficult to cut, so moisten with water first.

Fresh FFS Razor: Use a sharp blade for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Replace any razor that scratches or pulls or has been stood in a wet bathroom for more than a week or so.

Legs: Soak skin for 3 minutes, then apply FFS Shave Cream to soften the hair and help lubricate and hydrate the skin. Shave with long, gentle strokes, especially over bones like ankles and knees.

For knees, straighten slightly to tighten skin. Keep warm to avoid goosebumps which can hinder shaving.

Underarms: Moisturise and lather on FFS Shave Cream as with legs. Raise arm and shave from bottom up. Avoid over-shaving the same area.

Post-shave, wait before applying deodorants or antiperspirants to avoid irritation.

Bikini Area: Moisten for a couple minutes, then apply FFS Shave Cream. Shave horizontally, with care, as the skin here is delicate.

Regular shaving helps prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

Post-Shave Care: Give your skin a 30-minute break after shaving to avoid irritation. Apply a cream-based moisturiser rather than a lotion such as the FFS Body Cream and avoid swimming or using products with alcohol immediately post-shave.

Always remember, gentle and consistent care leads to the best shaving results.