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FSC-Certified Bamboo Volumising Hair Brush

How to Use

Hold the Hairbrush: 

  • Grasp the volumizing hairbrush comfortably in your dominant hand, ensuring a firm grip. 

Start at the Roots: 

  • Begin by positioning the hairbrush at the roots of your hair. This is where you'll create the most volume, so make sure to start here. 
  • With the brush held vertically, wrap a small section of hair around the brush head, starting from the roots. 

Curl Hair Around the Brush Head: 

  • Using your other hand, curl the section of hair around the brush head, rolling it away from your scalp. Continue rolling until you reach the ends of the hair. 

Care and Maintenance: 

  • After each use, remove any hair that may have accumulated in the bristles of the hairbrush. 
  • Clean the hairbrush regularly by washing it with mild soap and water, then allow it to air dry completely before storing it away.