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Personalise your razor

Choose from one of our premium metal handles with free personalisation, or our new pastel shades.

Choose your frequency

Tailor your plan to you, simply tell us how often you shave and we’ll deliver your beauty essentials every 1 or 2 months.

Choose your favourites

We’ve designed a range of beauty products to add to your favourite razor. Including our 4 step shaving process, natural deodorants and a natural botanical range.

Receive effortless deliveries

Get your deliveries straight to your door and have your beauty essentials at the ready whenever you need them.

At our core, we're about creating an incredible product experience -that's a great shave, an affordable luxury, delivered in a convenient way.

Why Choose a Subscription?


Receive regular top-up deliveries of our premium SmoothGlide blades and have beauty essentials at the ready whenever you need them. Simply changing blades each week ensures the blades remain hygienic and your skin is kept healthy and free from bacteria, meaning less irritation and fewer bumps.

Subscribe & save

Join the club today, and you'll be able to subscribe and save on your favourite bathroom essentials! Have your products delivered effortlessly through your door and receive FREE delivery. Buying your bathroom essentials has never been more effortless with subscribe and save

Complete control, no commitment & endless perks

We’ve made it as effortless as possible for you to make changes to you plans. Plus we tailor our offers with you in mind, on both FFS products and other handpicked brands we know you'll will love.

Shave the planet with affordable beauty

Whether its shaving essentials or body care necessities, we have you covered. By joining the club, you will be taking a step to saying no to single use plastic and yes to a more sustainable living.

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