Joint subscription. Joint benefits.

Say hello to our Multi-Subscription plan. Created so you can share the love you have for FFS with someone living under the same roof. Get super sharp blades delivered to your door without them sneakily using your razor again!

Why start a multi-subscription plan?

Add a handle and blade subscription to your plan and get your first one at 50% off for just £4.50!*

Save on your joint deliveries with our Multi-Subscription Offering

Choose a second Rose or Fir handle (+ engraving!)

Tailored delivery dates to suit you

One less thing on your shopping list!

Shave Money

Save £1.90 on your deliveries every time

Upcoming Gifts

Handy gifts for all of you!

Tailored Dates

Pick a frequency that suits you

Cancel Anytime

No commitment required

So how does it work?

  • It's easy! Simply sign up another person in your household by filling in our form below...

  • Just pop in your FFS account email, personalised engraving option, select your desired delivery frequency and preference!

    Please note: You must have an active subscription with FFS and use your email connected to this account. Otherwise, this offer will not be fulfilled, and you will not receive the handle. Once complete, our team will add this to your plan shortly meaning you don't need to do a thing.

  • (Note - If the form below doesn't load please refresh)

Rose Handle

Got a few questions?

We've got some answers!

Instead of being charged £9.95 for blades, each subscription will be reduced to £9 so you will save on your deliveries every time!
No - you can have as many subscriptions as you like and will get the discount applied to each subscription!
If you choose to keep one subscription, your account will be reverted to charge £9.95 payments instead of £9 that you would have been paying on the Multi-Subscription
No! Everyone on your account will receive gifts with their susbcription depending on what handle is selected at the time of adding another subscription to your account.
Not only can you save £1.90 or more per delivery, you will all get upcoming gifts and never have to buy razors or blades from the shop again!
Simply fill in the above form and a member of our team will add this to your account in the next few days. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing
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