3 for 2 Hair, Face & Body Bars

How to claim this offer 🧼

1) Mix & Match any 3 beauty bars
2) Add them to to your cart
3) Your 3-for-2 discount will auto apply
4) 'Add' the free gift to your order
5) Enjoy your beauty bars!

Why Ditch the Liquids? 🧴

Not Just 70% water

Most liquid alternatives are 70% water! By using a bar it gives the same incredible results without only paying for water.

What Makes Ours Different? 🧼


We've ditched plastic both inside & out! Our bars are delivered in 100% plastic-free packaging.

RSPO Certified

Lather, Love, Repeat

Our Hair, Face & Body bars are more than just bubbles – they're a commitment to sustainability. We've chosen Sustainable Palm Oil, carefully minimising environmental impact. Our bars are RSPO certified, meeting deforestation-free standards. Lather up with a clean conscience – because a small bar can make a big difference!

No More Waxy Feel!

Instant results, no adaptions needed. Delve into the luxurious scent that stays until the last use, without that waxy feel. Our bars deliver from the very first use, leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed! 

As Seen On TikTok

I love them so much I don’t think I’ll ever go back to normal shampoo & body wash!! 

Chloe W

Sir David Attenborough

Sustainable Palm Oil

“We can offer a vital lifeline for our forest relatives. We may be able to protect them through simple choices, like buying products made with deforestation-free, sustainable palm oil from companies that support local people, using existing plantations, without cutting down more rainforest.”

Seven Worlds One Planet - Episode 2: Asia. BBC Natural History Unit, BBC Studios, 2019

Prolong Your Bar's Life

Keep It Fresh 🌿

Our accessories aren't just extras, they're defenders against bathroom chaos. Ensure your bar stays fresh and fabulous because every bar needs a reliable back up crew.

Make the Switch

In total, the UK throws away 520 million bottles of shampoo every year!

B.V., T.P. (2021) Research DS Smith reveals average annual waste produced by Brits, Tembo Paper.

This alarming statistic highlights the urgency for change! Committed to encouraging a cleaner, greener future, we've undertaken a mission to reduce plastic waste. Through our use of eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices, we actively contribute to the solution rather than adding to the problem. Join us on this journey to create a positive impact, one shower at a time!