Shoga: Embrace the Fun and Fiddly Side of Shaving!

Shoga: Embrace the Fun and Fiddly Side of Shaving!

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Ladies, we’ve all been there – those hilariously awkward and strangely acrobatic moves we have to pull off just to get a smooth shave. Whether it’s balancing like a flamingo or twisting like a contortionist, shaving can sometimes feel like a full-body workout. We know you can relate to these weird and wonderful 'Shoga' moves we all have to go through when we're shaving..

Shoga Origins: Because Real Life Isn't A Glam Shaving Ad

Back in 2017, we launched the Shoga campaign with a mission: to shatter the illusion that shaving is always a glamorous, effortless task. We've all seen those ads with models or actresses, their long legs draped over the side of a luxurious bath, shaving their already perfect, hairless legs. But let’s be real – that’s not what shaving is like for most of us!

With Shoga, we wanted to tell women, "We get it." Shaving involves a lot of surface area, it can be fiddly, and it's quite an exercise! We're not pretending it's the most glamorous, sensual moment of your day, but we do promise to try and make things easier.

The Shoga Poses: Because Shaving is Practically a Workout!

While planning the campaign, we did some cheeky research. We surveyed 2,000 women and discovered some of the most popular and relatable Shoga poses. Here are the top contenders:

1. The Shin Salutation (27%)

Strike a Pose! Imagine you're a ballet dancer on your tiptoes. Stand tall on one leg, then gracefully bend the other leg out in front and rest it on a ledge (often the side of the bathtub or toilet seat). Voilà – you’re in the perfect position to tackle that shin!

2. The Crescent Loon (14%)

Twist and Shout! Get ready to channel your inner contortionist! Lean back and twist around as if you’re doing a yoga pose, trying to reach the elusive hairs on the back of your calves or thighs. It’s a workout and a shave all in one!

3. The Crab (12%)

Crab Walk, Anyone? Think of yourself as a beach-loving crab. Bend over double, maybe even squat, to get those tricky spots along your bikini line and upper thighs. It’s like a crab walk, but for shaving!

More Shoga Fun: Bonus Poses!

The Flamingo

Stand Tall, Beautiful! Strike a pose like a fabulous flamingo! Bend one leg up, balance on the other, and get to work on that leg with all the grace of a bird on one foot.

Extended Patience

Channel Your Inner Gymnast! Balance in the shower with one leg bent and arm raised high, reaching for the sky – or in this case, your armpits. Patience and balance are key!

Shoga involves twisting, turning, stretching, bending, and balancing to reach hairs all the way from our toes to our armpits. We wanted to talk openly about this for once, to remove some of the taboos around women’s shaving and to have a bit of fun along the way! 

Ready to Join the Shoga Fun? Watch the Full Video and Share Your Shoga Moments with Us! Whether you're a seasoned Shoga practitioner or just getting started, we invite you to join in the fun. Watch our full Shoga video to see these poses in action and share your own Shoga moments on social media using #Shoga. Let's make shaving a little more fun, one pose at a time!