Shaving and Waxing During Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

Shaving and Waxing During Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know

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Carrying a tiny human being is amazing

But while pregnancy is a special time for most of us, it can be a bit of a worry too (particularly if you’re a first-time mum).

With so many other things to think about during this time, hair removal shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve got everything you need to know about shaving when pregnant, so you can focus on buying those adorable newborn clothes, prepping the nursery, and keeping yourself (and baby!) happy and healthy.

Whether you’re in your first or third trimester, shaving when pregnant can be a tricky task. Even before your bump grows, nausea and dizziness can make shaving more difficult than usual.

Shaving tips when pregnant

FFS shaving tips when pregnant

1. Always use a sharp, clean razor blade.

Sign up for a razor subscription service, so you always have new razors to hand for shaving during pregnancy (even more important if you’re experiencing ‘baby brain’!)

2. Use pregnancy-friendly products.

Choose natural shaving creams and lotions with no harsh chemicals to ensure a smooth shave during pregnancy (our revolutionary three-step system is your go-to).

3. Do it sitting down.

Sitting down is going to feel more comfortable, especially as your bump grows. Bring a chair into the bathroom to help or perch carefully on the edge of the loo.

4. Use a mirror.

If you’re shaving your bikini line during pregnancy, there will come a time when you can’t see what you’re doing. Avoid nicks and cuts by using a mirror to help you see the area.

5. Trim and tweeze what you can’t shave.

If you’re finding it really difficult to reach everywhere, put down the razor. You could use round-ended scissors to trim larger sections or tweezers to remove stray hairs instead.

6. Moisturise and hydrate.

Your skin is likely to be more sensitive and prone to irritation during pregnancy. Follow up your pregnancy shaving routine by moisturising with a gentle product.

Everything You Need to Know About Shaving During Pregnancy

Everything you need to know about shaving during pregnancy | FFS

Does hair grow faster during pregnancy?

We’ve all heard about that pregnancy glow. There’s a good reason for it. Your hormones during pregnancy go a bit haywire, bringing lots of changes to your body with them. Some of those changes are great (shiny hair, glowing skin and stronger nails? Yes, please). Others can be a bit more tricky to navigate.

Increased hair growth is common during pregnancy. And that doesn’t just mean the hair on your head. You might find that your body hair grows much more quickly than it used to, and it might even become thicker. You may also notice hair growth in different areas, like your stomach, chin, chest or back. This is totally normal and usually goes away once you’ve given birth.

Why is my pregnant belly hairy?

As just mentioned, pregnancy causes your hormones to fluctuate dramatically and this includes an increase in estrogen. This higher level of estrogen is the main reason you may see belly hair during pregnancy. You may also notice that this hair is thicker and darker than usual as well. Don’t be alarmed by this as many women experience increased hair growth which will return to normal after you’ve given birth.

Can you shave when pregnant?

Some mums don’t worry about hair removal during pregnancy, while others prefer to keep it smooth. Whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to know the facts.
It’s best to avoid waxing when pregnant because your skin might be more sensitive than usual. You should also steer clear of harsh hair removal creams and nasty chemicals.
When it comes to hair removal, shaving when pregnant is the safest option. It’s also the most convenient, as you can tackle your hair removal when you feel like it. Remember, though, to always use a sharp, clean razor and pregnancy-friendly products.

Can you wax when pregnant?

Whilst pregnant, it’s absolutely fine to keep waxing your legs or bikini line if this is your preferred method of hair removal. However, be aware that hormone changes can make you more sensitive to pain and if this causes problems, it may be better to pick up a razor during your pregnancy!

When should pregnant women stop shaving?

There is plenty of guidance provided online and by nurses that suggests that pregnant women shouldn’t shave beyond 36 weeks gestation. This is because shaving pubic hair can increase the risk of infections during labour.

Should you shave before giving birth?

For decades it was true that pregnant women were shaved in hospital before delivery but research and medical studies have shown there is no clear benefit to shaving before going into labour. Shaving down there before delivery can actually increase the risk of infection at the time of birth. This is because shaving causes micro abrasions which opens up the skin, allowing for possible infection.

Some women prefer to keep things smooth down there, whereas others keep it natural. If your main reason for shaving is embarrassment, then there’s no need to worry, . Your midwife or doctor won’t even notice your pubic hair!

However, shaving during earlier pregnancy is a personal choice but remember to follow our pregnancy shaving tips, and don’t stretch yourself if you can’t reach.

Whatever you choose to do about hair removal while pregnant, the most important thing is that you feel good about you! Follow us on Instagram or check out our blog for other lifestyle tips and feel-good content.