Risks of Sharing Razors

Risks of Sharing Razors

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We’ve all been there. You’ve got somewhere to be, and you’ve forgotten to buy razors. It can be so tempting to borrow your housemate or partner’s razor for a quick tidy up. They’ll never know, so what’s the harm?

While sharing razors might seem convenient, it’s a big no-no. And not just because you might annoy the razor’s owner. Sharing razors can lead to infection, irritation and a whole range of potentially serious problems.

If you want to know more, we’ve got plenty of info below (as well as some tips to make sure you’re never caught out in an emergency).

Is sharing razors bad?

In a word, yes. Before you reach for someone else’s razor, it’s worth remembering that you don’t actually know how old the razor is. Using dull blades can increase the risk of cuts, irritation and ingrown hairs. You also don’t know how well they wash their razor after use (bacteria, ew).

But the reasons for not sharing razors goes deeper than that too. When you shave, the razor causes tiny cuts on your skin. You don’t usually notice them, especially if you prep your skin properly (hint hint: try our premium shaving system). However, using someone else’s razor can lead to irritation and infection. As you shave, you might be passing bacteria and other nasties onto your skin. This problem can be worsened if their razor is dull or old.

Plus, if you nick your skin, there’s a risk of transmitting blood viruses, as well as bacterial and fungal infections.

Is it OK to use ‘men’s razors’?

While we wouldn’t recommend using anyone else’s razor, there’s a rumour that men’s razors are better than women’s razors. Some people might be tempted to buy a men’s razor for this reason (or reach for their partner’s in the shower).

Remember, men’s razors are mostly designed to be used on the face. They usually don’t have the right type of shape for tackling other areas. They typically won’t include the same moisturising benefits as women’s razors, either. Rest assured that our razor blades here at FFS are just as sharp and effective with a titanium coating and are specifically designed for use all around the body, meaning they pivot to fit natural contours.

What are the solutions?

So, sharing razors is bad. But what are the solutions to avoid this happening? We recommend signing up for a razor subscription box, which means you’ve always got sharp razors to hand when you need them. With our shaving system, you’ll get a reusable handle, precision blades and the option to add on our cruelty-free shaving products. What’s not to love?

You could even sign up together with our multi-subscription option, meaning you both can get your razors delivered straight through your letterbox (and save too!). You’ll keep your (and their) skin safe, without the hassle of heading to the shops each time you need a new razor.

Don’t forget, all our razor blades are recyclable too. Keep them safe until you have a box full, then post them back to us for processing.