Meet Onyx, the new FFS handle here to break down stereotypes

Meet Onyx, the new FFS handle here to break down stereotypes

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new Onyx handle, a striking matte black, this sleek and sophisticated handle sits well in modern bathrooms. The black bathroom tap trend isn’t going anywhere. According to bathroom supplier Drench they have witnessed a 50% increase in searches for ‘black tap’ in 2022.  Could Onyx be the bathroom equivalent to the Little Black dress in your wardrobe?


If you didn’t know already, FFS started with a mission to change women’s shaving for good. Men’s razors have long been superior to women’s but with FFS gone are the days of substandard quality blades & shaves, hefty pink tax and brightly coloured excessively plastic handles.  

We aim to offer women a superior shave that not only leaves your skin super soft and irritation free but also looks good in your bathroom, because nobody wants ugly unnecessary plastic in their newly decorated bathroom.  Take a look at our selection of handle colours and see which suits your bathroom best.


To launch our new Onyx handle we're changing the narrative, challenging stereotypes and re-writing the fairytales.  As a female-first brand, we recognised that not all girls like pink, just the same as not all girls wish to be ballet dancers, princesses or even shave! But should you wish to, the choice of a quality razor should be yours, as should the colour.

The females at FFS got to talking and what if we did rewrite the fairytales? Would Red riding hood be the heroine and not the victim? Using her wits and intellect to outsmart the greedy wolf? Would Rapunzel realise a lot sooner that her self-worth doesn't reside in her hair and rescue herself instead of waiting for a prince? Imagine how inspiring that would be to the girls in our lives.

So, we reached out to some inspiring females that are already challenging gender stereotypes in the workplace to help share their stories.


We asked Kelly Jeffrey, A plastering and rendering expert from Nottingham, what message would you give to girls looking to work in male dominated industries? And she said…

'You can do whatever you please we’re all strong, I never knew what I wanted to do, I enjoy what I do now but I'm not saying that's what I will do forever, I've looked to get into welding so maybe that's what I will try next.'

 We also asked Michelle Westby, Stunt Driver,  Drift Demo Driver & Precision Driver the same question and she said…

 'Just go for it!  Don’t let anything or anyone make you think you shouldn’t be going for a job or hobby just because it’s male dominated. I am seeing so many more females exploring the world of Motorsport and doing just as good a job as the males ( or even better sometimes! ) I’ll admit it does take courage sometimes, but just stay focused, determined, and keep your eyes on the goal.'

Lastly, we asked both for one piece of advice they would give to their younger selves

'Never be afraid to ask for help, but also stand your ground when needed.' - Kelly

'To not let people put you off a dream just because it seems farfetched. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.' - Michelle


We couldn’t agree more with what they had to say, FFS started with a dream to change women’s shaving and here we are today doing just that!

 Want to try our new Onyx handle? Be quick it’s a limited edition, try today