Behind The Scenes At Our TV Ad

Behind The Scenes At Our TV Ad

We were so pleased to share the launch of our second national TV ad earlier this week (catch it here if you still haven’t seen it). We had so much fun shooting this and had an amazing team behind it all, who have also worked on some big film CGI productions. We thought we’d share some of the behind the scenes highlights from the shoot, so you can see how it all happened!

The set up

On the day of the shoot, we headed over to Pride Media centre bright and early, where the set was being finalised by the crew. The whole set was made up of green screen, with different platforms for each scene.

The stars of the ad

For the ad, our Managing Director Liz made her acting debut for the bath scene, plus we had our lovely model Natalie for our second bathroom sink scene.

The ad concept

The concept of the ad was to have a spinning theme from start to finish, starting out with the products on a spinning platform, going through to a doorway, then a bathroom spinning up from the platform and so on.

Here's a sneak peek at the story board from where it all started.

The bath featuring Liz was placed on a raised platform, where the crew manually spun her around to simulate the bathroom appearing from the spinning platform. This was the quickest scene to shoot in the end (Liz is a natural!)

Similarly, Natalie was placed on a platform with the sink, where the crew spun her around for the shot. The sink shot actually took the longest (around four hours!!!) as there was lots of trial and error, with the mirror reflection shot causing some issues - in the end it had to be taken out and created with CGI instead. It was so amazing for us to be part of the whole process and get to see it come to life!

You can catch our ad on Channel 4, E4, More 4, Film 4, Dave, W and more throughout July and August!