Product Guides

Make-Up Corrector Swabs

How to Use

Moisten Slightly: 

  • Before using the makeup corrector swab, slightly moisten it with water or a makeup remover solution.  

Identify the Mistake: 

  • Identify the area where you need to correct or remove excess makeup. Whether it's a smudged eyeliner, a mascara smudge, or an uneven lipstick line, pinpoint the specific area you want to address. 

Dab or Smooth Away Excess Product: 

  • Use the moistened end of the makeup corrector swab to gently dab or smooth away the excess product. Use small, controlled motions to target the precise area without affecting the surrounding makeup. 

Blend and Correct: 

  • For areas where makeup needs blending or correction, use the swab to blend the edges seamlessly. You can also use it to correct any uneven lines or smudges. 

Store Properly: 

  • Store your makeup corrector swabs in a clean and dry container or pouch to keep them hygienic and ready for use.