7 Fabulous Women behind FFS

7 Fabulous Women behind FFS

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The women of FFS - Female, fierce, fabulous  

March is all about celebrating women so we're introducing you to some of the amazing women at the heart of FFS! With a 90% female-strong workforce, FFS is leading the way in female empowerment. Ready to meet some of the amazing women of FFS?

Liz – Managing Director

Joining FFS in 2016 and taking on the role of Managing Director back in 2018, she's become the heart of FFS! Juggling being a mum, leading the way at FFS and making waves in the world of marathon competing, she's super human!!

Ange – Brand Manager

Ange joined FFS in 2021 to help us elevate the brand to new levels…she’s essentially our brand guardian. With passion for all things skincare, makeup & beauty related she has 10+ years’ experience in the beauty industry and still loves every minute of it! She’s an animal-loving vegetarian with 2 gorgeous dogs Austin & Teddy, beautiful cat Bella and an awesome tortoise named Paul. She loves working amongst women in an industry where we can put women at the forefront of what we are doing, and has been lucky enough to work with some very inspiring women who have both guided me and believed in me, helping her to achieve her career goals.

Louise – Customer Service Manager

Louise is the go-to for all customer needs, managing our amazing all-female CS team. She’s there to make sure your FFS experience is the best it can be! Her fave things are long dog walks and dinner dates!

Chelsea – Operations Assistant

Chelsea works on the day-to-day operations of FFS, helping our Operations Manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. She’s a mum of one who loves to relax with true crime and wine!

Leanna – Marketing Coordinator

Leanna has been with FFS for 2 years and is the go-to for all things marketing! Her favourite things are dogs, pizza and apologising.


Leila – Influencer Marketing Assistant

Leila joined us this year to help work with some amazing influencers and spread the word about FFS! She loves going to the gym and running, as well as shopping and dinner dates with friends.


Hannah – Social & Content Executive

I’ve been with FFS for over 3 years now, working on all things social and content! You might have read some of my blog posts or seen my content on your fave social platforms! You’ll likely find me at a bottomless brunch or a festival!