6 Inspiring Women in Business

6 Inspiring Women in Business

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Let's celebrate women!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re putting the spotlight onto some amazing women that have built their businesses from the ground up. Here are our faves…

Nikki & Leah – Founders at Ohne

Ohne is the lovechild of leah and nikki, best friends who met at uni in 2010. having never planned on going into business together, ohne was the product of one too many wine-fuelled rants about mainstream period products and fangirling over our fave organic products…once we realised that our dream brand wasn’t gonna drop from the sky, we knew we had to create it ourselves.

We started off with the simple idea that everyone – regardless of gender or body type – should be able to manage their cycle however they want because every body is different — and so is every period. we’re here to help you learn about your body, understand your hormones, and focus on your whole cycle, because you’re a human with a uterus every day – not just the days you’re bleeding from your vagina.

Working with your best friend is amazing - you've got someone to celebrate the highs with, and also stick together through the lows. We both know each other so well we know when the other needs a pep talk, or extra support. We also have an incredible team at ohne, so it's amazing to step back and see what we've built together.

Charlotte – Founder at Belle PR

I started Belle PR from my kitchen table in 2014, with a dream of owning and running a successful, boutique PR agency which didn’t sacrifice morals and kindness for success! I knew there was a gap in the market for a flexible, affordable yet unbeatable PR service. I really believe we’ve made that happen, so much so, other agencies now follow our business model. To win awards for our projects, campaigns and team is just testament to what we’ve created and it’s something I’m very proud of. You make your own luck!

Chloe – Founder at Eartheia

I have been passionate about sustainability from such a young age, since I was 8. I used to preach about it in school & to all of my friends as it was a core value of mine.
At 22, in University, for my dissertation I researched deeply into sustainability and quickly found that going vegan was the number one thing you could do to significantly reduce your environmental impact.
I turned vegan overnight; but surprisingly the diet wasn't the hardest part, it was switching out my beauty drawer & wardrobe staples that was the hard part, as there are so many blurred lines with regards to what's vegan and sustainable in the fashion and beauty world & often products are mislabelled.
Whilst this is frustrating for most vegans, some people have to follow veganism for health purposes, so I was horrified to find this was allowed to happen. I then tried searching online for vegan beauty & fashion brands, I must have had about 3 windows and 80 tabs open though, I found it to be such a tedious task to find affordable, on trend, quality vegan fashion and beauty. So I decided to create a solution to my own problem by building eartheia.com. The go-to online marketplace for vegan certified, affordable & sustainable fashion & beauty, which houses all of my favourite vegan brands.

Grace – Founder at Tala

After years of working in the fitness industry and partnering with activewear brands, I conceptualised and founded TALA to provide a solution that was missing from my own wardrobe and the wider industry. I couldn't find sustainably-produced styles that I knew wouldn't let me down on performance, fit, quality, or style without a hefty price tag. After the sell-out success of our first Seamless activewear drop in May 2019, it was clear that lots of other people felt the same way! We have since created several sustainably and ethically produced activewear and athleisure collections that have rivalled top sportswear brands on all angles. I am so proud TALA is now award-winning and loved by our customers and the media alike. 2022 is set to be our biggest, brightest year yet.

Heather & Sam – Founders at Gen M

GenM, the menopause partner for brands, was co-founded by Heather Jackson and Sam Simister, two businesswomen who found the menopause hard to navigate and suddenly felt invisible to brands with whom they had built loyalty over the years.

Together, they created GenM with a clear mission: to unite responsible brands and organisations to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and support under-served menopausal consumers and employees.

Hanna Silletoe – Founder at Hanna Sillitoe

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Influenced by my parents who both ran their own businesses. Mum had an outdoor adventure shop, whilst my dad worked in experiential marketing - before experiential marketing was even a thing! He brought the Pepsi Challenge to the UK. If you were around in the eighties you might remember choosing between Coca Cola and Pepsi to decide which taste you preferred. 

Consequently my sister and I grew up understanding the concept of working hard doing something you love. By our early teens we were running a little car washing empire on our cul-de-sac. We would offer a basic wash-and-dry for £1, or a mini valet for £5. I liked earning money to buy clothes and makeup, and the flexibility of working on my own terms. My entrepreneurial mindset carried me through my twenties and thirties, building online web-stores selling everything from e-scooters to classic furniture. Some were successful, some failed, all taught me valuable lessons. 

My current project was never intended as a business. My own battle with chronic skin conditions led me down a personal healing path, which I shared on social media. The meals I cooked transformed into a blog and eventually my best-selling recipe book, whilst the endless search for products to improve my complexion led to me designing a natural skincare range. Never has the proverb ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life’ been so apt! I absolutely LOVE what I do. Yes, the hours are long. Yes, there have been stressful and challenging moments. But I get to spend my time formulating products which genuinely change people's lives. I work with passion and purpose and that's a rare privilege never lost on me.