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Also, see below IMPORTANT tips and guidelines to help you create the best possible content whist remaining on brand and within TikToks rules. Please ensure you make note off all sections on this page before creating content.

Important Tips

We're thrilled to have you join us as a collaborator. At FFS Beauty, we pride ourselves on offering good value, eco-friendly alternative products to the high street, stepping away from the typical large FMCG brands. Our iconic razor, the first solid metal razor designed purely for women, exemplifies our commitment to quality and innovation. Before we start we wanted to start with the most important points to ensure you make the best possible content whilst remaining within TikToks Guidelines.

IMPORTANT Traffic Redirection Rules:
Some creators have experienced issues with TikTok rules on redirecting traffic through social icons on boxes or QR codes. As per our brand guidelines could you try and avoid showing boxes with QR codes, web addresses and other social platform icons. We are currently rolling out new Tik Tok Specific packaging and removing anything that may fall foul of this rule. Also, on some of our products we have 're-order' QR codes, again, try not to feature these too much and even cover them up with fingers of thumbs. We're also in a process of removing these from the front of our products to try and comply more and make it easier for creators.

Tagging & Showcase:
Can you tag our profile using @_weareffs and not # (don’t forget the underscore) on the content videos so we can see you’ve posted and it links directly to our profile, but you’re welcome to use # for our products and other relevant tags.

Also, if you can add the product you’re reviewing to your videos from your showcase so people can easily find it and purchase. Both points are important for you to earn commission. x

FFS Beauty Brand Guidelines @_weareffs

Our vision is to lead the beauty industry towards a more sustainable future, empowering consumers everywhere to choose eco-friendly, high-quality self-care solutions. We aspire to be the go-to brand for consumers who value both luxury and responsibility, continuously innovating to make beauty and personal care routines better for the planet and for you.

At FFS Beauty, our mission is to revolutionise self-care by delivering high-quality, eco-friendly products conveniently through your letterbox. We believe in offering a better way to shave and care for your skin—one that’s kind to the planet and to you. With sustainability at our core and a touch of sass in our stride, we’re dedicated to making luxury accessible, ensuring every consumer can indulge in top-tier self-care without compromise.


FFS Beauty Content Collaboration Guidelines

  • Link to Products: Ensure all videos / content contain the link @_weareffs (don't forget the underscore) plus link the relevant product from your showcase on TikTok’s FFS shop to earn commission.
  • Highlight Ingredients and Benefits: Use the provided information on the relevant ffs.co.uk product page to emphasise the ingredients and benefits of our products.
  • Product Demonstration: Highlight the product you are reviewing and make sure it features strongly in the video.
  • FOMO: Try and put some scarcity and urgency as whilst we carry ample stocks they are limited to a point.
  • Discounts & Offers: Where a product is discounted poiint that out, what the retail price is and our offer prices. If you've registered with our database above we'll regularly letting you know of offers and opportunities to purchase.
  • Avoid External References: Do not mention our external web address directly or show icons/references to external platforms, including QR codes on the product or the boxes.
  • Letterbox friendly: Highlight that the products are letterbox friendly where appropriate.
  • Length: Keep it short & interesting, ideally around 30 to 60 seconds.

Key Products & Information: FFS Beauty RazorKits:

Wave goodbye to dull blunt blades and skin irritation. For years men’s blades have been superior to women’s, not anymore!

Our diamond-coated fine blades ensure your razor remains sharp during your whole shave, with an added soothing vitamin E strip that helps the blade glide effortlessly over your skin. Unlike other blades ours will last you between 5-7 shaves.

  • Solid metal handle with comfort grip and it looks stylish in your bathroom rather than the plastic alternatives.
  • Blades derived from premium male quality and technology.
  • No gloopy soap bar that goes all gooey, but instead featuring the important Vitamin E lubricating strip to help the blade glide over the skin and a hairlifting rubber guard bar to ensure the hairs cut first time.
  • Premium razor stand or shower hook prevents blades gathering bacteria.
  • Unique Bikini trimmer not typically found on women’s blades.
  • 6 blade head to reduce strokes and irritation.
  • Diamond coated blades for extra sharpness.
  • Shaving kits with either travel or full size scrub/creams/balms are all letterbox friendly.

Brand Values & Core Principles


  • Committed to eco-friendly packaging using packing materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable keeping.
  • Designing packaging using the least amount of material.
  • Innovating our products to offer refillable and reusable options.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint by the sourcing of UK suppliers wherever possible.
  • Local manufacturing.
  • Consolidating deliveries.
  • Letterbox friendly products reduce failed and repeated deliveries.

Values & Principles:

  • Quality: High-standard products derived from premium materials and superior design.
  • Premium Feel: Ensuring every product provides a luxurious experience.
  • Affordability: Offering great value without compromising on quality.
  • Convenience: Products designed for ease of use and delivered right through your door.

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Registering to be a collaborator on Tik Tok

To earn commission selling our products you must first register and set up your collaborator account. There’s useful and easy information at the following link plus you’ll find many more useful tips on becoming a paid collaborator:

Contact and Support: For any questions or support, feel free to reach out to our team at tiktok-collaborators@ffs.co.uk