How to Have a Spa Day At Home

How to Have a Spa Day At Home

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Relax, Renew, Refresh

Taking time out to relax is one of the best ways to reduce stress levels and improve your mental health. There’s no need to invest in expensive spa weekends all the time, either. Pampering at home can be just as relaxing, especially because you can customise your chill time exactly how you like it. Whether you’re planning a tranquil day of self-care or a chance to reconnect with friends, we’ve got everything you need to know about planning the best at-home spa day. Go on, treat yourself.

And relax...

No.1 Set the scene

You don’t need a swanky bathroom or Pinterest-worthy living room to create an at-home spa. But you might want to pack away any laundry and tidy up any clutter. It’ll help you feel more relaxed and put you in the right mindset.

If you can, dim the lights and light your favourite candles (lavender, clary sage and rose are known for their soothing aromas). If you’re planning an all-day spa event at home, think about making use of natural light too. Pick a sunny spot indoors or out for an instant mood boost.

Don’t forget to switch off, too. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ and resist the urge to scroll through Instagram. It’s a great opportunity to disconnect and really focus on yourself.

No.2 Pick your products

Spa days are all about pampering your mind and body. For the body bit, choose natural products that spoil you from head to toe. Our premium botanical spa products are your go-to, with natural ingredients and the finest formulas to help you feel rejuvenated.

Get them delivered on the regular to make sure you’ve got the right products whenever you fancy having a pamper day.

No.3 Plan your day

An at-home spa experience is all about relaxing, so you don’t really want to worry about sticking to a strict schedule. However, you might want a flexible plan to help guide your day. You could include different spa ‘zones’ in your home, starting off in the bathroom and moving into another space to keep the relaxation going.

  1. Start off in the bath with our Calmingly Floral Bath Salts. They include Dead Sea, Himalayan Pink, and Epsom Salts, as well as real lavender and rose petals for a luxurious experience. You’ll feel effortlessly relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for the next step.
  2. Once you’ve soaked for a while, nourish your hair with our Pink Clay and Argan Shampoo Bar. It includes Argan oil and rose geranium for a truly luxurious haircare experience. Plus, it’s sulphate free and so is perfect for all hair types.
  3. Step out of the bath and hydrate with our Moisturising Body Butter Bar. With rosehip and sweet almond oil, it’s easily absorbed into the skin for an effortlessly silky feel.
  4. Put on some relaxing music and prepare for the next step. Our Sensitive Facial Masque provides gentle exfoliation and hydration for silky-smooth skin. It includes natural French pink clay and lavender essential oils to help clarify and repair your complexion.
  5. Add the perfect finishing touch with our Hydrating Lip Serum. High in vitamins A and E and with nourishing mango butter, your lips will feel soft, supple and amazingly silky.

Add in extra products if you want to. You could add hair removal into your spa experience with our innovative shaving system or incorporate a sunkissed glow with our vegan fake tan.

No.4 Sound on

Music and sound are integral to your spa day. Soothing, ambient sounds will get you feeling relaxed and in the right mood for pampering. Try out our Spotify spa playlist for an extra chilled vibe (and no need to scroll through YouTube to find the perfect tunes).

If you want to meditate, there are plenty of apps out there to guide you through mindfulness activities and calming exercises to help you reflect.

No.5 Finish Off

When you’re ready to rejoin the world, ease into it. You could read a book for a while or head outdoors for a gentle walk. Or, pop open a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a glass. After all, if there’s anything worth celebrating, it’s you.

Ready to relax?

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