How To Use Solid Shampoo

How To Use Solid Shampoo

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So what do I need to know about solid hair care?

Did you know that the average British household uses over 200 plastic haircare bottles per year? With not all of these being recycled, many will be destined for landfill. With solid hair care becoming increasingly popular, there’s so much to choose from which leave little to no impact on the environment.


How do shampoo and conditioner bars work?

As the name suggests, shampoo and conditioner bars are solid instead of liquid. They behave a bit like a bar of soap, except they’re formulated for hair instead of skin. They’re super-concentrated too, which means you get more washes out of them than you would liquid haircare. The results you get are no different to liquid, either.


How often should you use a shampoo or conditioner bar?

Whether you wash your hair every day or prefer to do it once a week, you can use solid shampoo and conditioner bars as little or as often as you like.

It’s worth bearing in mind that shampoo bars often include natural ingredients, so there might be a transition period as your hair gets used to going chemical-free. This should only last as long as it takes to remove any residue.


Which shampoo or conditioner bar is best for me?

Just like you would choose a liquid shampoo or conditioner for your hair type, it’s best to look for a bar that suits your hair. For drier hair, choose a bar with moisturising ingredients. Finer hair may benefit from clarifying or cleansing ingredients that add body.

Saying that, many solid bars are suitable for all hair types (like our Pink Clay Nourishing Shampoo Bar). These can be a great way to start off your shampoo bar switch as you get used to your new routine.


How to use solid bars

Shampoo bars are easy to use, but they might take some adjusting when you’re used to liquid shampoos. Start by wetting your hair, then gently lather the bar between your hands and apply to hair, or you can rub the shampoo bar directly over your wet hair. Massage into your scalp, then rinse. You could repeat if you prefer double washing.

Conditioner bars are similar to apply. Hold the bar under warm running water for a few seconds, then rub a small amount into your hands. Apply sparingly to the ends of your hair (remember, bars are much more concentrated so a little goes a long way). Rinse to remove any excess and you’re good to go!


How long does a solid haircare bar last?

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars aren’t just great for the environment. They’re economical too. Because they’re really concentrated, they last longer (and don’t take up as much space on your bathroom shelf).

Our 50g Pink Clay Nourishing Shampoo Bar lasts for 50 washes (that’s about double your average bottle of shampoo). Plus our Conditioner Bar will last up to 60 washes!

Can you use a shampoo bar as body soap?

Yes, you can! Shampoo bars usually incorporate natural ingredients, which are safe to use on your skin as well as your hair. Some people choose to use their shampoo bar for both jobs, reducing the need to buy separate products.


Are solid haircare bars worth it?

We think they are (although we might be biased). Packed full of natural ingredients, our solid bars are great for your hair and the environment.

They’re palm-free and vegan-friendly. They’re wrapped in plant-based compostable naked wrap and they’re handmade in the United Kingdom, which means they have a much lighter carbon footprint. There’s no need to sacrifice your hair when making a sustainable choice either. Our sulphate-free bars include ingredients like argan oil and cocoa butter, giving you silky locks that feel ultra-nourished.