FFS Beauty Founder to Run London Marathon as Giant Razor! 🪒

FFS Beauty Founder to Run London Marathon as Giant Razor! 🪒

FFS Beauty Joins Headcase Charity Fundraiser! Reading FFS Beauty Founder to Run London Marathon as Giant Razor! 🪒 3 minutes Next Mastering Soap Storage: Tips for Keeping Your Bars Fresh

Get ready to cheer on our fearless founder, Des, as he embarks on a marathon mission like no other! 🏃‍♂️ Kitted out in our iconic razor mascot costume, Des is gearing up to tackle the London Marathon in support of two incredible charities close to his heart: Headcase and the Peter Pan Centre.

Headcase: Fighting Against GBM

Des has been a longstanding supporter of Headcase, actively participating in various fundraising events over the years. From volunteering as a support guide rider for the gruelling 'Pedal the Pyrenees' mountain cycle event to now running the London Marathon, Des remains dedicated to supporting Headcase's mission.

Headcase focuses on raising funds solely for research to find a cure for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a devastating brain cancer. With no current cure and a grim prognosis, Headcase is relentless in its pursuit of innovative research strategies to combat this challenging condition. Notably, Headcase operates on a voluntary basis, ensuring that donations directly contribute to funding crucial research initiatives.

Peter Pan Centre: Empowering Children with Special Needs

Founded in the same year Des was born, the Peter Pan Centre holds a special significance. This longstanding charity provides vital support to children with disabilities, offering specialized learning through play sessions for 0-5 year-olds. By helping children develop essential skills, gain confidence, and foster friendships, the Peter Pan Centre positively impacts lives now and into the future. Additionally, the centre offers invaluable support to families, ensuring children with special needs receive the best possible start in life.

Our Mascot Suit: A Symbol of Commitment

Our iconic mascot suit, which will be recognised by many of you, has been uniquely adapted with solar panel fans to help cool Des down as he runs! Des's decision to run in the mascot costume reflects his desire to do something different while championing these worthy causes. Despite his extensive marathon experience, Des is stepping up the challenge to raise awareness and support for Headcase and the Peter Pan Centre.


Donate and Support Des's Journey!

Des has set up a Just Giving page where you can show your support for his marathon efforts and contribute to these incredible causes. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a meaningful impact. Join us in cheering on Des as he embarks on this inspiring journey to make a difference in the lives of those supported by Headcase and the Peter Pan Centre.

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Good luck Des!