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Pre-Order for the Tea Tree & OrangeNatural Deodorant has now finished.
Not to worry you can head over to your account page and add this to your subscription or contact us at and the customer service team will be happy to add this for you.

Your Tea Tree & Orange Natural Deodorant Balm will be added to your next box!🎉

We really hope you’ll love using your Tea Tree & Orange Natural Deodorant Balm!

A quick recap - your next box will include our brand new Tea Tree & Orange Natural Deodorant Balm and we'll charge you £5. After that, we'll continue to send your deodorant balm in your regular deliveries for £5 to keep you stocked up.

Your deodorant balm will show up in your account shortly – If you'd like to remove this from your plan at any time contact our Customer Services team at