your women's razor set contains

  • 4 x Six-Blade Heads
  • FREE Reusable Rose Handle
  • FREE Personalised Engraving
  • FREE Shower Hook

your starter set contains

4 x six blade heads

£9.95 £6.75

Rose handle

£9 free


£6 free

Shower Hook

£2.50 free

now £6.75

for follicles sake

for financial sake

for friction sake

for futures sake

reusable weighted metal handle

blade recycling scheme

FSC approved packaging

cruelty-free shave-enhancing creams

We launched our very own blade recycling scheme last year to help to reduce the number of disposable razors ending up in landfill or the ocean. Join FFS today and say no to plastic disposable razor handles and yes to effortless sustainability with our reusable weighted metal razor handle.

Winner Best New Hair Removal Product
Pure Beauty Awards 2019
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