Want 50% off your multi-plan?

Simply add a second subscription to your plan and get it at 50% off for just £2.47!*

Share the love you have for FFS with someone living under the same roof. Get high quality blades delivered to your door without them sneakily using your razor again!

What's included with your multi-plan?

  • Forest handle with black chrome metal finish
  • 4 x 5-titanium coated SmoothGlide blades that are L-shaped designed for easy rinse through
  • Handy shower holder to keep your razor dry and protected
  • Free delivery

Save 10% on blades

All blade deliveries will be reduced to £9 each

Gifts for both

Enjoy something special in each of your boxes

No commitment

Easily cancel your Multi-Plan at anytime!

So how does it work?

It's easy, simply sign up another person in your household by filling in our form below with your email address. Our team will then add another plan onto your account for our Forest Handle and SmoothGlide blades at your current frequency.

Fancy a different handle or blades? No problem! Simply contact our Customer Services Team by emailing info@ffs.co.uk and they will happily arrange this for you!

Terms and conditions: Your first set of SmoothGlide blades for the second subscription plan will be £2.47, then following deliveries for both set of blades will be £18 (£9 each). You can easily edit this in your portal at any time. If a multi subscription is cancelled, your blade deliveries will be charged at £4.95.

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