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Suitable for sensitive skin

your starter set contains

your women's razor set contains

  • 4 x Six-Blade Heads
  • FREE Reusable Iris Handle
  • FREE Engraving
  • FREE Facial Wax Strips
  • FREE Shower Hook

4 x six blade heads


Iris handle

£9 free


£6 free

Shower hook

£2.50 free

Facial wax strips

£3 free

now £9.95

for follicles sake

for future's sake

for flopsy's sake

for follicle's sake

  • 6 Diamond Coated Blades
  • Precision Trimmer Blade
  • Vitamin E Lubrication Strip
  • Flexible Head
  • Ergonomic Handle

For too long, women have had to put up with low quality, plastic razors that were never designed for our bodies. Introducing the signature FFS metal-handled razor, with a soothing vitamin E strip to glide effortlessly over the skin in fewer strokes than ever before.

“I have really sensitive skin and always get razor burn and rashes with whatever razor I use. I ordered this because I liked the ethical side of the company and the fact you can send the old blades of to be recycled. The first time I tried this, I couldn’t believe it, it was so gentle and I have no irritation which is a first in years. It’s so smooth and you can barely feel it on the skin. The handle is nicely weighted and it’s so easy to use and doesn’t cut your skin like other razors have done. I cannot recommend this product enough!! I am so glad I found this brand."


“As someone who has hyper sensitive skin and is used to razors giving rashes / painful lumps etc - FFS has been a game changer. The razor provides barely any discomfort, is smooth and pain free. Best of all no bumps either! The quality of the handle is beautiful and the razors themselves are great too. I also got the deodorant as that also affects my skin and ffs deodorant is lovely, protecting and doesn't irritate my skin either.”


“Extremely pleased with this razor, I have sensitive skin but haven't had any problems using this razor. Great price and its delivered to your door. I've been looking for a razor that's more environmentally friendly and this one is perfect. It's also vegan and cruelty free which is amazing. Would definitely recommend.”


Winner Best New Hair Removal Product
Pure Beauty Awards 2019