Choose Your Multiplan

We will deliver to you an additional handle & blades of your choice (as below) in addition to a FREE New Travel-Sized Shave Cream or Gel. This will be priced as per our Multiplan offer where we will deliver 2 packs of blades at your current blade frequency, saving £5 on your next delivery and then £2.90 on each of your subsequent deliveries.

The Pink Plan

  • Fuchsia Razor Handle
  • Moisturise & Glide: Shave Cream (50ml)
  • 4 Premium SmoothGlide Blades

The Blue Plan

  • Midnight Razor Handle
  • Cleanse & Protect: Shave Gel (50ml)
  • 4 SmoothGlide Blades


If you cancel the multi subscription, your blade deliveries will return to the regular price of £9.95. This offer expires on 27.01.2024. Note, you will be auto-subscribed (with no commitment, cancel anytime), to the full-size Shave Cream or Shave Gel at the reduced price of £7.95. We will notify you in advance of this charge where you can cancel, delay, or swap for any other product.