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FFS Facial Wax Strips

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As a loyal FFS club member we wanted you to be the first to try our NEW facial wax strips. For a limited time only we’re giving you over 60% discount to say thank you for being one of our amazing FFS members.

🌸 6 double sided facial wax strips (12 uses)

🖐🏻 Easy to use

🧖🏻‍♀️ Dermatologically tested

🌼 Infused with 100% organic cotton flower, rose, orchid and magnolia floral extracts

💃🏻 Dermo-elastic formula to allow the wax strips to adapt to the skins contours

🙌🏻 Eliminates even the most resistant hairs


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Waxing Top Tips

🧖🏻 Gently exfoliate skin a day or two before waxing.

🌵 Allow hair to grow at least ¼ of an inch before waxing.

🖐🏻 Always pull quickly and in the opposite direction of hair growth.

💧Remember to soothe skin prior to waxing.

☀️ Avoid prolonged sun exposure 24 hours prior to and after waxing.