Shave Cream
Care about your skin? Treat yourself to our natural shave cream for a fuss-free shave. Gentle post-shave balm with natural ingredients Restores...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Facial Wax Strips
Simple facial hair removal No heat required 12 individual uses Removes even the most resistant hairs Be sure to prepare your skin...
£3.00 Now £3.00
Shave Balm
Keep your skin cool and refreshed after shaving with our post-shave balm Gentle post-shave balm with natural ingredients Restores the skin’s natural...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Scrub
A natural exfoliating scrub that’s gentle on your skin, leaving you smooth for your closest shave yet Targets ingrown hairs and rejuvenates...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Original Natural Deodorant Balm
Control your body odour with our completely organic deodorant Effectively controls body odour and absorbs sweat Subtly alters skins natural pH level...
Now £11.00
Natural Deodorant Balm
Handmade in the UK from organic natural ingredients Tough all-day odour protection without blocking sweat glands Creamy texture which softens on contact...
£5.00 Now £5.00
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