Shave Cream
Introducing our moisture rich natural Shave Cream, this smart translucent formula helps soften hair and create a barrier for the closet shave. ...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Facial Wax Strips
6 doubled-sided easy to use wax strips that require no heat and remove the most stubborn hairs! 
£3.00 Now £3.00
Shave Balm
Soothe your skin with this luxurious Post Shave Balm.  This natural formula contains Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to rehydrate and alleviate...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Shave Scrub
Level up your shave with our natural Pre-Shave Exfoliant.  Combat in grown hairs with natural walnut shell to lift away dead skin...
£6.00 Now £6.00
Original Natural Deodorant Balm
Combat sweat and odour, naturally.  Free from nasties, kind to your skin and the planet.  This natural deodorant effectively absorbs sweat and...
£11.00 Now £11.00
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