Let’s talk facial hair

Let’s talk facial hair

Facial hair: we all have it and its completely normal, so why is there’s such a taboo surrounding it? Although so many women experience excessive facial hair growth throughout the course of their life, it’s still a topic that’s not discussed openly enough.

So what causes facial hair growth?


It’s all about hormones…

Any increase in androgen or imbalance between your male and female sex hormones can result hairs sprouting in places you might not expect, such as the chin. This is why women can often experience increased facial hair as they age, especially during or after menopause, due to a shift in hormone balance.



Around 1 in 14 women have a condition called Hirsutism, which is caused by excess production of androgens. It’s characterised by excessive growth of hair in a male-like pattern, including the upper lip and chin, with the difference between a woman’s typical hair and hair caused by Hirsutism being its texture. Hair caused by Hirsutism is usually darker and coarse in texture.


Excessive facial hair could be a sign of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. With some of the other common symptoms being irregular periods, acne, fertility issues and weight gain. Read more on PCOS in our previous blog.

What’s the best removal method?

If you’re wanting to remove facial hair, there’s a few options available. You can choose to shave the hairs with a razor, or the method we’d recommend is using waxing strips designed specifically for the delicate area of the face. Our double-sided Wax Strips are your go-to, with a derma elastic formula to adapt to the skin’s contours and capture each hair.

You might also choose to use tweezers if there’s only a few stray hairs or to capture any missed hairs, but we’d recommend avoiding over tweezing, as it can lead to irritation.

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