How to avoid razor bumps and shaving rash

How to avoid razor bumps and shaving rash

We know there’s nothing worse than razor rash and red bumps showing up after a self-care session, so we’re giving you some top tips on how to avoid irritation when shaving.


Soften hairs before shaving

It’s important to let hairs soften in the bath or shower for a few minutes before shaving. This will make sure hair follicles are softened, ready for shaving.


Start out with gentle exfoliation

Choose a gentle scrub and apply in circular motions to the skin before shaving. Our Pre-Shave Scrub uses walnut husk for a gentle but effective result. This will help to remove dead skin cells and avoid hairs becoming trapped in the follicle. It’ll also provide a smoother shaving surface


Make sure your razor blade isn’t dull or too old

If you shave with a dull blade, you’re likely going to experience irritation. A dull blade will snag at hairs, plus it will likely have millions of bacteria built up on it which will transfer straight onto your skin (no thank you). This can cause severe irritation and even infection if getting into a nick or cut.

 Remember, when shaving the blade should always do most of the work for you – if it’s not then it’s time for a new blade.


Use a shave cream

Still using soap to shave with? While it might seem like it works just fine, it can cause the skin to feel dry after shaving. Instead, it’s best to choose a cream or gel that’s been specifically formulated for shaving, like our Moisturising Shave Cream or Vegan Shave Gel.


Keep skin moisturised post-shave

It’s important to moisturise between shaves to avoid dryness and irritation. Choose a nourishing formula that will restore the skin’s natural moisture balance like our Post-Shave Balm.

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