How often should you really change your razor blade?

How often should you really change your razor blade?

We know that perfecting your shaving routine can be difficult and frustrating at times (FFS!)

Probably the most common shaving mistake of them all, failing to replace razor blades regularly, can lead to all of our worst shaving fears – we’re talking shaving rash, ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts and even infection.

It’s recommended to change your blade after approximately every five shaves – this might be weekly for those that shave most days, or every other week for those less frequent shavers. While the lifespan of your blade will depend on how often you shave, there’s a few golden rules when it comes to swapping it out for a fresh new one.

Bacteria builds up on our razor blade over time, even when we can’t see it.

Millions of bacteria can form on razor blades, especially when left damp in the bathroom. So, when coming to shave with the same blade, this bacteria gets transferred straight onto the skin, sometimes onto sensitive areas like the bikini line. The result can often mean razor rash and ingrown hairs and even the risk of infection if nicking the skin while shaving.

So even if you’ve only used a blade a couple of times, if it’s been left damp for weeks on end, its best to change it out for a new one to avoid irritation or risk infection.

An old blade usually means a dull blade.

 Dull blades are a huge no no. Not only can they snag and pull at hairs (causing irritation), they can also cause us to apply more pressure to the skin, leading to nicks and cuts more often. Always remember that you shouldn’t need to apply much pressure to the blade at all when shaving – the blade should do the work for you. Try our Premium SmoothGlide blades.

FFS blades are fully recyclable with our scheme.

 Worried about the impact regular blade changes will have on the environment? You no longer need to worry about where your blade will end up, as we take care of it for you! Simply save up your used blades, post them back to us and we’ll recycle them for you, ready to give them a new lease of life!

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