Ultimate Guide to FFS Razors

Ultimate Guide to FFS Razors

You’ve probably noticed that our razor blades look a little different to most standard blades. There’s a few key reasons why FFS blades really stand out from the rest and give the best possible shave.

Many standard razors use halo blades, which typically involve a lot of excess material and plastic (no thank you). We wanted to make our blades a little differently, as such bulky blades can mean it’s difficult to shave certain areas and get into the natural contours of the body. That’s why our blades use minimal material and are nice and compact, so they can easily reach those tricky areas for an effortless shave. Our pivoting blade head is able to adapt easily to the curves of the body, for the closest shave.

Often promising lasting moisture with their encased head, halo blades can actually become quite saturated after one use and end up causing unwanted mess around the blade. Excessive casing isn’t something that’s necessary for a smooth shave - with a compact, simple shape, FFS blades feature a Lubricating Vitamin E strip to keep skin moisturised while shaving.

Because our blades are more compact, there’s much less material being used than on the average razor blade, and so less waste! Plus, our blades are recyclable with our in-house scheme, so they can avoid landfill and find a new lease of life once you’re finished with them. Read more on our blade recycling scheme here.

Something else that sets our blades apart from normal blades is that FFS razor blades include a built-in precision bikini styling blade. This can be found on the top side of the blade head and is perfect for trimming those intimate areas that need a little more care and attention.

Not only are FFS blades more compact, with less waste, they’re also higher quality than most women’s razors. There’s probably been a time in the past when you’ve tried a ‘men’s razor’ and wondered why you ever bothered with typical ‘women’s razors’. We’ll let you into a little secret: FFS blades are the same high standard as typical ‘men’s razors’, as they’re coated in the same titanium and diamond grade carbon that you’ll find in most ‘men’s blades’. This means the blade can remove the most hairs in a single stroke, reducing the number of times you need to go over the same area.

Don't just take our word for it - try them for youself for just £4.95 and get a free refillable metal handle of your choice!

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