The best vegan foods to try out this Veganuary

Posted by Hannah McManus, 8th January 2022

Having a go at Veganuary this year? We've got you covered, as we're talking the best vegan finds with our influencer marketing exec Bryony!

Linda McCartney's Hoisin Duck Meal Kit
'One thing I miss whilst being vegan is duck, until now... Linda McCartney's Hoisin Duck Meal kit is the perfect substitute if you're a duck lover. It comes with the pancakes and delightful hoisin sauce to make for the perfect at home fake-away.'
Wagamama's Vegatsu Curry
'I know it's cliche to order a katsu curry from Wagamama's, but there's a reason it's so popular. The vegatsu curry uses seitan as a replacement for chicken and I can't think of a better substitute. If you're struggling during veganuary, get yourself down to Waga's for a quick fix!'
M&S Plant Kitchen Cauliflower Popcorn
'Anything from the Plant Kitchen range at M&S is an absolute treat, but these cauliflower popcorn bites are something else... and they go with almost anything, they are a must have!'
Sainsbury's Plant Pioneers Pups in Blankets
'I was never the biggest fan of pigs in blankets when I ate meat, but I would have one or two at christmas, and after having these vegan 'pups' in blankets from Sainsbury's, I can see what the fuss is about. They are the perfect alternative. You know something is good when you have to triple check the packaging to make sure it's actually vegan...'
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