The best sustainable heroes you need in your bathroom

The best sustainable heroes you need in your bathroom

Want to bring sustainability to your bathroom? We've got the heroes you need on your shelf.


Closing the loop on bathroom waste, Fiils refillable beauty products are kind to the body and planet. Simply order your kit, fill up your reusable aluminium bottle and return your used pouches to be recycled!


Is your bathroom complete without a premium reusable metal razor? We don’t think so. So say goodbye to plastic disposable and choose from Rose Gold, Chrome and more. Don't forget you can return your used blades to be recycled, too!



On a mission to make periods positive through sustainability and accessibility, Dame are changing the game. From reusable period pads and liners to reusable tampon applicators, they’re a sustainable hero.

Face Halo

Say goodbye to single-use cotton pads and makeup wipes and hello to Face Halo! The reusable pads work to trap and remove makeup for a deep clean.



The world’s first carbon-negative toilet paper, Bazoo is sustainably made from 100% FSC certified bamboo pulp. 

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